How To Turn Up Volume On Insignia TV Without Remote?


How To Turn Up Volume On Insignia TV Without Remote? You will need to program the remote so that it is compatible with your TV before you can use the Insignia Remote Code. This post will explain what Insignia TV Remote Codes are, why we need them, and provide easy-to-follow instructions for programming a universal remote to work with an Insignia TV.

How To Turn Up Volume On Insignia TV Without Remote?

Although mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs have become more user-friendly in recent years, the notion of completely accessible televisions is a relatively new development. Amazon is now competing in the market for easily accessible smart TVs with two lines of televisions from Insignia and Toshiba. These televisions employ Amazon’s Fire TV software as the operating system for their respective TVs.

How To Turn Up Volume On Insignia TV Without Remote?

In September 2016, we conducted a review of the preview version of VoiceView, which is a screen reader that can be accessed on Amazon Fire TV. Since then, the app has been updated. After having success with my very own Fire TV Stick, I was thrilled to learn that the Fire TV operating system would now be available on televisions. I used the Insignia 32-Inch Fire TV Edition for the sake of this evaluation (Model NS-32DF310NA19). Take note that Toshiba has a series of televisions that are available, each of which comes pre-loaded with the Fire software, and that the same operating system may be used with a variety of screen sizes.

In this review, I will analyze the hardware and software of the television, with a special emphasis on utilizing the device’s television functionality. However, I will also discuss the utilization of the Fire TV operating system and the VoiceView screen reader in a more general sense.

What is Insignia TV Remote Code

Remote control or the Insignia universal remote is included with every Insignia Smart TV, just like it is with every other new generation of the television set. If you wish to program your Insignia TV with remote control from a different manufacturer, you will need the Insignia TV Universal Remote Codes. These codes can be found on the website of the company that makes Insignia TV. You will need to program the remote so that it is compatible with your TV before you can use the Remote Codes.

This Insignia TV supports a variety of Universal Remote Codes, including those with three, four, and five digits, among other possible combinations. The most typical code consists of three digits, as is typical. Because using only the first three digits of a code could not work for the majority of Insignia TVs, a 0 is added to the beginning of the code.

Why do we need TV Remote Codes?

The? usage of remote codes allows for the adjustment of a wide variety of settings, including the volume, TV stations, track number, and volume, amongst others. In most cases, the Remote Control and the device used to control the Remote Control are unique to the product line. On the other hand, there are a lot of Universal Remotes available on the market nowadays. These remotes simulate the remote control that is produced for the majority of big brand gadgets.

Insignia TV Remotes and Codes

The following are examples of some of the most widely used Insignia remote controls:

Insignia NSRCFNA19 Fire Remote Control

Insignia NSRC4NA17 Remote Control

Insignia NSRC4NA18 Remote Control

Insignia NSRCRUDUS19 ROKU Remote Control

Insignia TV Remote Codes


The different codes are listed below:

  • Bose – 10171, 11204, 11326, 11517, 11641, 12002,11564
  • General Electric – 1406, 1407, 1408,1181, 1180, 1175, 0456, 0029, 0905 1171, 0103, 0189, 0217, 0135, 0133, 0116, 0167, 1148
  • InnovAge – 000, 001, 004, 009, 035, 038, 045
  • MasterControl – 350
  • One for All – 0054, 1204
  • Panasonic – 06, 07, 15, 18, 20, 0017, 0054, 0178, 0317, 0457, 1564, 0171, 1204, 2002, 2003, 2004, 1326, 1517, 1660
  • Philips – 0198, 0490 , 0115
  • Potenza – 2002, 0171, 1204, 1326, 1517, 1963
  • RCA – 12184, 12417, 135, 12049, 11423, 11564, 10171, 10463, 11810, 11892, 11963
  • RadioShack – 505, 511, 038,173, 228, 238, 252, 253, 272, 290, 307, 325, 381, 417, 420, 477
  • Samsung – 47, 48, 49, 59, 60, 98, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 15, 16, 17, 18, 40, 43, 46
  • Simplicity – 564, 575
  • Sony – 068, 069, 078, 096, 100, 164, 168, 229, 026, 00171, 01204, 01423, 01564, 02049, 10675, 12428,12596, 00171, 01517, 01710, 01780, 01892, 02002, 02049, 20288, 02417
  • All In One Insignia TV universal codes – 0150, 0091, 0133, 0029, 0103, 0116
  • Four-digit universal codes for Insignia TV – 0103, 0189, 0217, 0135, 0133, 0116, 0167, 0456, 0029
  • One For All codes for Insignia – 0103, 0189, 0217, 0029, 0135, 0133, 0116, 0167, 0456

How to Program Insignia Universal Remote

The following is a rundown of the two approaches:

Insignia Universal Remote: How to Program It Using the Auto Search Function Insignia Universal Remote: How to Program It Using the Manual Method

Program Insignia Universal Remote with Auto-Search

The scanning technique used in the automatic search approach applies to all of the Universal Codes contained within the Remote Control. The process of programming an Insignia Universal Remote is one that must be carried out in a sequential and step-by-step fashion. It is important to proceed with caution. The following are the stages:

Start the TV that you want to be controlled by the Universal Remote by turning it on.

Start the gadget (TV) by pressing the button on the remote control for three seconds. The indicator light for the LED on the gadget indicates that it is ready to be programmed.

You can change the channel by pointing the remote at the device and clicking the CH+ or CH- buttons. On/off signals are displayed by the remote. To switch off the gadget, press the up and down arrows repeatedly.

Clicking the “Power” button will bring up the code for you to examine. The device will begin operating. If you want to determine whether or not the remote is configured correctly, try switching the channels.

The code can be saved by clicking the Device button. The stored code will be validated by the LED light, which will flash twice.

Program Insignia Universal Remote with Manual Method

The steps necessary to manually program an Insignia Universal Remote are outlined below for your convenience.

Start the TV that you want to be controlled by the universal remote by turning it on.

On your remote, select the “TV” button.

Next, use the universal remote to activate the LED light by depressing and maintaining pressure on the “Setup” button. It indicates that the device is ready to be programmed in its entirety.

In the final step, input the code that you have obtained from the instruction manual for the program.

After that, you should direct your remote to the television and then press and maintain your pressure on the Power button.

After that, you should let go of the Power button whenever the screen turns off.

And that is it. The universal remote control will now function faultlessly with your television set.

How to Check if Insignia Remote is a Universal Remote or not

There are both universal and non-universal remote controls included with Insignia televisions, depending on the model. If they are universal remotes, you will be able to use them to control other electronic devices in addition to your Insignia TV. Look for settings labeled “Set” and “Mode” on any Insignia remote you own to see whether or not it is a universal remote. If it does, then it is considered a Universal Remote, but if not, it is not.

Troubleshooting No Sound

If you have turned on your television but there is no sound, you might try one of the following solutions:

  • Check to see if the mute button on your TV is activated, then deactivate it.
  • Adjust the volume on the TV after checking to see whether it’s too quiet. Raise the volume by manipulating the controls on the remote.
  • Check to see that there are no headphones connected to your device.
  • Alter the audio settings to something else.
  • If you are utilizing an external speaker system, soundbar, or home theatre system and have connected it with a digital audio cable, go to the Audio menu and select Digital Audio Format/Audio Delay. After that, change the Audio Format to PCM.
  • Check to see that the audio wires are attached to your TV in the appropriate manner and that they are not loose.
  • Check to see that the cable TV or antenna is connected in the appropriate manner and does not come loose.
  • If you are using an antenna and the signal strength is weak, you can either tweak the antenna or switch to utilizing an outside antenna that is very directional or a set-top antenna that has an amplifier built-in.
  • If the aforementioned remedies are unable to fix the issue, you can try power-cycling the TV by first turning it off and then leaving it unplugged for a few minutes. This should be sufficient to reset the hardware of the TV.

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