How To Use Hisense TV Without Remote?


How To Use Hisense TV Without Remote? If you do not have the remote for your Hisense TV, you can use the power button that is located at the bottom of the unit. You can power on your Hisense television with the manual buttons even if you don’t have the remote. Therefore, to switch on the TV, simply click the button labeled “Power.”

With all of the new features that have become available, such as built-in WiFi, high-quality films, and Android OS, televisions have evolved into an item that is essential for any household.

How To Use Hisense TV Without Remote?

Because they have one of the best picture quality options available, Hisense televisions are quite popular in this regard.

Dolby Vision and Audio, compatibility for HDR10 displays, the ability to install or download apps, and a plethora of other helpful features are all featured on Hisense Smart TVs.

How To Use Hisense TV Without Remote?

Wide viewing angles, which improve streaming in all directions, are featured on its remote control. It should therefore come as no surprise that customers have such a strong affinity for these televisions. In addition, their prices are reasonable, which is another reason why many individuals choose to purchase one.

But what should you do if you find that your remote control is malfunctioning? There is no need to freak out because there are other ways to operate your television. This tutorial will walk you through turning on your Hisense television without the use of the remote control. In response to your query “how to use a Hisense TV without the remote,” we will provide you with helpful answers.

Let’s get started!

How to Use Hisense TV Without Remote

There are a lot of different scenarios in which consumers could require alternatives to utilizing a remote control in order to use their Hisense TV. It’s possible that the remote is damaged, in which case you are awaiting a replacement, that you have misplaced the remote, or that the batteries have run out.

The following is a list of many ways a Hisense TV can be used even if it is missing its remote control.

Use the buttons on the Hisense TV

Controls for the TV’s settings, power, volume, and channels are almost always present on Hisense televisions. Without remote control, the Hisense TV can be controlled at any moment by the user by pressing these buttons. Using these TVs in this manner is the simplest possible way to do so.

On the other hand, newer models of Hisense TVs feature a few noteworthy improvements. The most recent models have relatively few buttons overall, with the exception of the “Power” button. Therefore, the only thing you can do is push the button that is located on the remote control to turn the TV on. The term for this approach is the “manual method.”

But where exactly can one find the button that turns the Hisense TV on and off? According to the user guide that can be seen on the official website, Hisense positions the button to turn the TV on and off in the exact center of the bottom edge of several of its models.

On some of the devices, a sensor has taken the place of the physical buttons on the device. This may make it more difficult to locate the button that controls the power. In most cases, the power button will be associated with the Hisense logo, and it should be located directly underneath the logo.

With a mobile app

Based on the OS of the TV, numerous apps are available to help you control your TV. Roku TV and Android TV come with their own companion apps that integrate with the television perfectly. 

The mobile phones running these apps often have to be on the same home network to function correctly. Devices running Android will pair nicely with the Android companion app, and those running the Roku OS will pair effortlessly with the Roku app. 

With the Roku TV app

A number of Hisense Smart TVs are powered by the well-known RokuOS operating system. The following instructions will be of assistance in the event that you have lost the remote control for your Roku or Hisense Smart TV:

  • You may get the Roku app for your iOS or Android smartphone by downloading it from the Roku website.
  • Launch the app once it has been installed, and then look for your Hisense smart TV.
  • Check to see that your mobile devices and television set are both linked to the same WiFi network.
  • Tap the Remote tab at the bottom of the screen once you have successfully established a connection to the television.
  • To switch on the TV at this time, simply hit the power button that is situated in the center of the app’s screen.
  • So there you have it! On a Roku-enabled Hisense TV, navigating the settings menu, changing the channel, and adjusting the volume can now all be done without the need for remote control.

With the Android TV app

The most recent models of Hisense smart televisions are pre-loaded with Google’s Android operating system (OS). Even if you can’t find the remote control for your Hisense Android TV, you can still use the Hisense TV to view your favorite shows and movies.

The Android Remote TV app makes this capability available to users. The following is a list of the guidelines for connecting:

  • Get the Android TV app from the PlayStore or the App Store and install it on your device.
  • Start the application and acknowledge that you accept the terms and conditions.
  • You may find the Hisense Smart TV by searching for it within the app.
  • Check to see that your mobile devices and TV are both connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Establish a connection to the television, and then match the code on the mobile device to it.
  • Finally, using the Hisense Smart TV remote software that comes with your Android TV, power on your Hisense Smart TV.
  • Using the Android TV app on your Hisense TV allows you to control it without the need for remote control. Aside from this, you may also utilize the keyboard that is contained within the program in order to input text on the television.

The software also includes a touchpad that functions as a mouse and can be used to browse your TV’s menus and settings.

With the remote app

A great number of televisions are outfitted with an infrared sensor that enables the TV remote to read input from the television. Numerous Android phones come equipped with an infrared sensor right out of the box.

The user is able to take advantage of this feature with ease by downloading remote programs, such as remote, which supports a large number of different phone and tablet models. However, keep in mind that in order for this method to be useful, your mobile device must already be equipped with an infrared sensor.

Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a well-known voice assistant service that was developed by Google and is capable of controlling a considerable number of the smart home gadgets that you might have in your house.

Let’s have a look at the different ways we may control the Hisense Smart TV by using Google Assistant:

You can get the Google Home app for your iOS or Android device by downloading it.

Check to see that your phone and television are both linked to the Smart WiFi network.

You may view content from your TV within the Google Home app. Simply connecting your TV to your Google Home app requires a tap on the device.

Once you’ve connected everything, you’ll find that the Google Home app gives you full control over your Hisense TV.

Even Google Assistant can be used to take command of your television. Several other commands, such as “Okay Google, lower the volume” or “Okay Google, turn off the TV.”

You may even instruct Google Assistant to play a certain video from YouTube by providing the video’s name.

The Google Home app also has on-screen controls, such as the ability to pause or play a film or even decrease or increase the volume using the slider that is displayed on the screen of the mobile device.


Using Google Chromecast

The final choice, which is known as Google Chromecast, is there to assist you in the event that none of the strategies described above are feasible for you.

Simply connect the cable from the device to a free HDMI port on the Hisense TV. The amount of integration that is accessible is remarkable, despite the fact that Google Chromecast is an additional expense.

It functions in much the same way as the TV’s operating system (OS). The most recent version of Google Chromecast comes with its own remote and can easily be integrated into smart devices thanks to its seamless connection to the Chromecast app that is installed on the device.

Keep in mind that if you use Google Chromecast, the source of the movie will be your mobile phone instead of the Chromecast. The apps already installed on the phone are the only means by which content can be streamed to it.


Use a Universal Remote Control

You also have the choice of utilizing a universal remote control that has been paired with your TV and putting it to use in order to activate your Hisense Smart TV.

Let’s say you have a universal remote control that you can program to work with a variety of different gadgets across your home. The TV and the universal remote can be coupled together, and then the universal remote can be used to power the Hisense TV.

You will require universal remote codes in order to successfully link the universal remote with your Hisense TV.

How to Program a Universal Remote Control to a Hisense TV

The following steps need to be taken in order to properly complete the process of programming a universal remote control to a Hisense TV:

  • Start up the Hisense TV, and position the universal remote control in close proximity to the device.
  • Find the button labeled “TV” on your universal remote, and then press it. Keep your finger on the button for a few seconds. When the LED light on the remote starts blinking, you can release the button you were holding down.
  • By using the button labeled “number” on the remote control, you will need to enter one of the previously listed codes. The LED light will flash twice and then switch off once you have entered the right code. It’s possible that the initial code you typed won’t work. In this instance, you will need to enter a new code until you locate the correct one.
  • Finally, hit the power button on the remote control to determine whether or not you have successfully completed the procedure for programming. If the TV shuts off, this indicates that the universal remote you are using is successfully programmed to control the Hisense TV. In the event that this does not occur, try running the procedure again with a different code.

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