How to use Monday work management for project management


How to use Monday work management for project management: Jack Wallen walks you through the process of using Monday Operate Management as your next tool for managing projects to ensure that your teams continue to work effectively and efficiently.

Monday Work Management is a Platform that is Fully Customizable and Designed to Help Organizations Achieve a Significantly Higher Level of Operational Efficiency. In order to accomplish this, the software will assist you in keeping track of projects and workflows, as well as helping you visualize data and facilitating team discussion. This tool has automation capabilities and can integrate with a variety of different applications.

Monday Work Management, with all of its bells and whistles, may also serve as an excellent platform for project management. It has kanban boards, agile roadmaps, sprint planning, tables, charts, Gantt, forms, and more.

Having said all of that, the next thing I want to do is demonstrate to you how to establish a Monday work management workspace as an excellent location for the administration of your projects.

What you’ll need

You will need an account with in order to follow along. You are free to begin with the free account; however, I have a hunch that you will very quickly want to upgrade to a paid account because you will acquire a significant amount of additional capabilities. If you do decide to pay, you can do so here.

How to create a new workspace

Your first order of business will be to establish a fresh working place for yourself. Consider workspaces to be the overarching area in which you will store the tools that you will use to manage the projects you are working on. To achieve this goal, you can set up a workspace for each individual team or even for each individual project.

If you’ve already made a workspace, especially, it’s possible that it will take you some time to find your way around the user interface in order to build a new workspace (UI). Permit me to make things easier for you.

Explore the available templates to look for one that meets the requirements of the project you’re working on. When it comes to project management, your best chance is to select the category labeled “Project Management” and then choose a template from the selection that appears. My personal preference is for the Kanban Software Development template, but you should choose the one that will meet your requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.

You are ready to begin personalizing the template once it has been applied to your working environment, which is a process that may take a little bit of time to complete.

How to add new views

Your brand-new workspace will only come equipped with a single view by default. If you decide to choose kanban as your method of choice, the kanban board will appear as your default view. However, you might wish to include a dashboard view, a chart view, a Gantt view, a card view, a form view, or a view of your files gallery in the mix.

Once the template has been applied, you should navigate to your new workspace and then pick the default view, which should be something like the Backlog in the kanban board.

You’ll need to make a choice from among the various options once you’ve switched to the new view. When you add a dashboard, for instance, you have the option of selecting from a variety of visualization widgets that are available.

Continue to add more views to the workspace until you have everything you require to efficiently manage your project. After you have done that, you will be able to tailor each view to your own requirements. Keep in mind that Monday Work Management does have a unique approach to the customization of kanban column names, which is one thing to keep in mind. Check out my guide on how to rename kanban columns in Monday work management to learn how to rename them properly.

Monday Work Management is ready to service your project once you have built the new workspace, added views, and personalized those views. This will make it much simpler for your team to collaborate and for you to manage them.