Top 4 secret ways How to waive the verizon activation fee


How to waive the verizon activation fee

There was an activation charge that he had to pay to get service on his Verizon-leased phone, which he discovered when he signed up for the service.

He was apprehensive about switching his primary line to Verizon and paying the activation fee on top of the monthly plan and device costs.

Verizon’s 5G network is highly sought after since it offers unlimited data plans and other enticing features. With such a reliable connection, there is plenty of shows, movies, and sporting events.

Verizon subscribers receive special access to various entertainment, technology, and music-related companies and events. However, a one-time upgrade must be paid to get a new smartphone.

To offset the rising costs, Verizon has upped its upgrading prices. There are a few ways to get Verizon to forego the upgrade charge. We’ve got your back if you’re trying to figure out how to avoid paying the Verizon upgrade cost. Find out why Verizon is waiving your upgrade cost by reading on.

What is Verizon Activation Fee?

Verizon’s extensive product catalog includes a variety of services that may be purchased at a variety of price points and on a variety of payment schedules. However, a fee is associated with activating the service and purchasing the necessary hardware.

When you sign up for a new Verizon service line, you’ll have to pay an activation fee. Verizon’s activation fees help to defray the expense of customer support representatives’ salaries, upkeep of cell towers, and the operation of data centers.

The funds are also used to improve the educational resources available to pupils from low-income backgrounds.

Here are some of Verizon’s other indirect customer-benefiting uses of activation fees:

  • Dealing with Verizon Sim card issues and fixing them.
  • Offering online service delivery in as little as two days.
  • Supporting both in-store and online interactions by staff members.
  • Guarantee technical help for a month (60 days for online purchases).
  • We are making available innovative Setup services to aid consumers in getting started with a new device, moving data, and creating backups.
  • When network service is interrupted, you can count on us to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

Verizon will likely forego the activation fee and lose money, as it’s the norm in the business. Verizon, however, has opted to forego the activation charges in light of the problems this has produced for its customers.

Why Does Verizon Charge for Activation?

One of the most well-known U.S. wireless providers is Verizon. It has spent more money than expected on operating the telephone system due to expenses including tower fees, customer service employees, and more.

Verizon’s activation fee is a form of fee applied to the financing of trades and the purchase and upkeep of phone contracts. If they don’t charge you the activation fee, they’ll make less money off of you. Consequently, getting it quickly can be a challenge.

You’ll need to be personable or skilled at negotiation if you want Verizon Wireless to forego the activation cost. In this case, you’ll need a reasonable justification to get the activation cost refunded.

Can Verizon Waive the Activation Fee?

Technically, you can get out of paying Verizon’s activation cost, but doing so can be difficult because the fee is fixed company-wide. It’s doubtful, but it is possible, as some people get their fees waived. It’s already free to activate your Verizon phone.

Recently, Verizon has been waiving its upgrade charge for new customers. But that decision rests with Verizon. As a result, you can submit a waiver request and justify why you require a waiver.

How to Avoid Verizon Activation Fee?

Four tried-and-true methods exist to have Verizon remove the activation charge from your bill. Discover the paths together.

1. Call retention

Once you’ve settled on a reasonable justification for a charge waiver and gained the self-assurance to approach Verizon about negotiating one, you may call them. If you call and say you want to cancel your services immediately, they’ll put you in touch with the user retention team.

No one in the retention division wants to see you go, and they have the skills to ensure that doesn’t happen. They may waive or reduce fees or provide other incentives to keep you from canceling.

You will contact Verizon customer service and explain that the steep activation cost has made you terminate your account. If you cannot pay the activation cost, you may explain why in this section.

Verizon can help you have the cost removed if you are a long-day client. Therefore, remember to bring it up while communicating with the retention team. If you’re fortunate, the activation charge can be waived when you confirm your account with the company.

2. Activation online

If you need help communicating, you can get a discount on your Verizon activation charge. You can activate your phone on Verizon’s website[1]. Since there is no need for an intermediary or professional to initiate or set up your phone service, they will discount your activation price if you do business with them online.

You won’t have to pay the activation charge if you buy a new smartphone from Verizon. The $35 activation cost is immediately refunded, and no other action is required on your part. With this promo code from Verizon, you won’t have to worry about paying the activation charge.

The same thing happens when you try to upgrade your phone online at Verizon. Verizon cellphone customers can skip the upgrade price with this online approach that doesn’t require a promo code. Verizon will either entirely or partially remit the upgrade price if the update is performed online.

3. Take Your Phone

If you buy a phone out of contract from Verizon, you won’t have to pay the activation fee. To buy a phone in a store implies you’ll have to pay the total price. Verizon is not offering any financing or payment plans for this item.

The elimination of the activation charge is the primary benefit of buying your phone. If you still have a SIM card for your old phone, you can use it. As part of the Bring Your Device (BYOD) activation plan, your older smartphone will be activated on Verizon’s network.

The BYOD activation plan eliminates the need to pay an activation fee when you bring your device to the process. However, this may increase the total cost to you.

4. Swap carriers

If you want to avoid paying Verizon’s activation charge, switch to another service provider. Choose from carriers like T-plans Mobile and other small carriers like straight speak or consumer cellular, all of which offer new customers the option of signing up with no activation cost.

There is no activation fee with smaller carriers, but the user experience and coverage will not be as good as with Verizon. Compared to larger pages, smaller ones have lower tower and equipment costs.

The small companies don’t have the exact high operating costs as the big ones. Consequently, the smaller providers don’t charge customers to join their service. Choose one of these lesser-known carriers, and you won’t have to pay the activation charge.

Does Military Personnel Get Free Verizon Activation?

Having a family member or friend currently serving in the armed forces activate your account on their behalf is one way to avoid the charge. The idea is to establish rapport with the other party by letting them know you’re serving in the military. Another option is to identify a civilian who knows someone in the military and ask them to contact the service provider on your behalf.

You don’t need to contact Verizon if your contract’s end date is approaching. The company will automatically terminate the agreement within 14 days after the termination date.

Are Veterans Exempt from Verizon’s Activation Fee?

Unless you successfully have Verizon waive the price using one of the abovementioned techniques, Verizon does not waive the activation fee for military members.

Despite this, Verizon provides discounts to active duty and veteran military personnel, which can reduce the cost of your Verizon bill each month.

BYOD Verizon Activation Fee?

If your bring your device (BYOD) program offers discounted rates for BYOD devices, you may be eligible to have the activation charge waived.

A large ISP may provide a free modem, but only for a limited time (less than a year) or at a cost (say, $10 per month) to the customer.

This is what I assumed might happen. As long as I have the gift card, I can use it to get a free activation.

In case you’re still curious about Verizon’s services after reading this, you should check out our other posts on whether or not they provide prepaid plans, describe Verizon, and disclose whether or not they give discounts to armed forces members.

Does Verizon charge for BYOD activation?

Use your electronic gadgets (BYOD). Verizon’s Bring Your Device (BYOD) promotion is always active but does not automatically include a free activation.

Verizon may offer a $500 prepaid Visa card instead of waiving the activation cost at a later date for consumers who bring their own devices.

If Verizon does not currently offer a waiver of the activation fee, the gift card can be used to reduce the cost of the price at a later date.

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There are ZERO exceptions to that law, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the cellphone service provided by Verizon. Customers are responsible for paying the activation cost; Verizon does not waive this fee. Weirdnewsera that you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment.

In addition, some customers have successfully waived the activation charge because they presented a valid argument as to why it should be waived. And those businesses who have publicly threatened to withdraw their support have been successful.


Will Verizon reimburse my activation fee?

When you activate Verizon service, you’ll be charged an activation fee that is non-refundable after three days.

There is also a restocking fee associated with returning your mobile device.

Does Verizon provide trials?

Verizon gives you 14 days to test their service with no commitment and no penalty for canceling early.

Can I activate a Walmart phone on Verizon?

Make sure the Walmart phone you’re considering will be compatible with Verizon before you buy it.

Use their BYOD (bring your device) portal to verify.

If you want to use your phone, you can sign up for their BYOD option if you’re going to use your phone.

Are activation and upgrading fees the same?

Those aren’t the exact costs at all. It costs $35 to activate a new line, which only applies to brand-new sign-ups. This remuneration has been in existence for some time. However, consumers will be required to pay the Upgrade charge.

Does Verizon offer free upgrades?

Yes, although typically just during certain times of the year. Verizon gives all of its current customers a voucher suitable for any currently available smartphone when it’s time for an upgrade. But if they stick with their original plan, they’ll keep enjoying this bonus for subscribers on contract.

How may Verizon upgrade fee avoidance be achieved in 2020?

If you’re confident enough, you can pay the total price for the phone and skip the upgrade cost. This implies you’ll have to come up with the money for the phone out of pocket. You can do this if you buy the phone straight from the maker.