How To Work Tcl TV Without Remote?


How To Work Tcl TV Without Remote? If you are looking to create a smart home on a budget, TCL TVs are a cheap option for smart televisions. You may still use your TCL TV even if you don’t have a remote, even if you’ve misplaced it or if the power button on your TCL TV is broken. There are a few different ways you can use your TCL TV without a remote.

How To Work Tcl TV Without Remote?

One of the worst feelings imaginable is when you can’t find the remote control for your TV. I am aware of this fact due to the fact that it has occurred to me not once, but twice.

I stepped on my TV remote control at some point last year, and now, over eight months later, I can’t find it anywhere. The remote control was broken at the time.

I have looked for it in every possible location, but I have been unsuccessful.

How To Work Tcl TV Without Remote?

Despite the fact that I will shortly place an order for a replacement remote, I was curious as to whether or not it was possible to control my television without using a remote.

I was curious about whether or if I could utilize the infrared blaster on my phone to act as a remote control for the time being.

I went online as a natural course of action to explore potential solutions. It turns out that a TCL smart TV can be controlled without the need for a remote in a number of different ways.

The most encouraging aspect is that you will be able to employ these strategies even if you do not have a lot of experience with technology.

How to Activate a TCL TV Without the Remote: TCL TV is the most user-friendly and has the most features available. It comes with a substantial number of applications that are streaming channels. The vast majority of streaming services may be accessed using TCL TV. Recently, it has been continually updated with new features, and new features have been introduced.

The user interface of TCL TV is simplistic, with only a few animated elements and a few different graphic types. In general, it is simple to use, and there are comparatively few bugs to contend with. Additionally, you have the ability to customize the intelligent interfaces that complement the theme.

Is it possible to Turn on TCL TV Without a Remote?

There is a way to power a TCL television without using the remote control. The TCL TV is the most advanced smart TV available, and it has an extensive library of streaming channels. You may also stream all of your preferred channels, including movies, shows, and a great deal more, on the television. Additionally, the traditional method involves pressing the physical button on the panel. Without a remote, you can turn on a TCL TV by utilizing the following:

#1. TV Controller

#2. Mobile Phone.

You won’t need a remote for any of these solutions, which allow you to take control of your TCL television without one. There are a few different ways to get your TCL TV running, whether you choose to operate it with a smart app or with a device that is not manufactured by TCL.

How to Control TCL TVs With No Remote

When used on a regular basis, a TV remote control can be easily misplaced, despite the fact that it is included with the majority of TCL televisions. Whether you’ve temporarily lost your remote or you’re looking for a solution that would allow you to operate your TCL TV indefinitely, you have a few different options to choose from:

TCL televisions can be managed with wireless applications on a variety of smart devices, including mobile phones and tablets. These wireless applications, once downloaded, have the capability of functioning as universal remote controls for your TCL TV.

Gaming consoles: Wireless gaming consoles such as the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch can be used to turn on and off TCL TVs even if the TV does not have a remote control. Gaming consoles have the ability to switch a TCL TV on or off, but they do not offer the same variety of features as apps that may be used as wireless remote controls.

Using a wireless remote control software such as TCL TV Remote Control or Roku Remote Control enables you to control your TV even if you do not have the standard remote control. This is useful if you need to control your TCL TV in a permanent setting without the stock remote control.

Do You Need an Internet Connection to Use a TCL TV?

If your TCL television comes with its own remote, you won’t require an Internet connection in order to operate it. However, in order to make use of the majority of the functions offered by smart TVs, such as access to streaming services, you will need to be in possession of a wireless internet connection.

If you don’t have a remote for your TCL TV, having an Internet connection is going to become a much more important criterion for you to meet. You won’t be able to install an app that acts as a remote control on your smart device if you don’t have a wifi connection.

What Smart Devices Are Compatible with TCL TV? 

If you do not have the original remote for your TCL television, you will need to couple it with a smart device in order to utilize a remote app instead of the standard remote. The good news is that TCL and Roku TVs are compatible with mobile devices running Android and iOS. When it comes to integrating your TCL TV with the ecosystem of your smart home, you will have a great deal of flexibility as a result of this feature.

TVs manufactured by TCL and Roku are conceived from the ground up to be compatible with an Android operating system. However, in addition to being compatible with Google Play, these TVs are also compatible with Apple goods such as the iPhone (iPhone 8 and later models).

Which Apps Will Control a TCL TV Without the Remote? 

If you don’t have a remote for your TCL TV, one of the many software applications that can be accessed through your mobile device (phone or tablet) is the simplest and most convenient way to control the television. There are applications that can function as a universal remote for your TCL TV system that you can get for either the iOS operating system or the Android operating system.

The following is a list of some of the apps that can be used in place of a remote control when operating your TCL television wirelessly:

  • TCL TV Remote
  • Android TV Remote Control App
  • Remote Control for TCL TV
  • Roku Remote Control App
  • AnyMote
  • Google Home
  • TCL

As long as they are compatible with Android, iOS, or Google’s operating system, a wide variety of universal remote controls can easily be programmed to work with a TCL television thanks to the fact that smart technology enables wireless programming. This is one of the most significant benefits of smart technology.

The operating system of the smart device you use to control your TCL TV will determine which app you use to operate the device. Some applications are only available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Market. In either case, an app that can link with your TCL television through a wireless connection can provide you with the same level of functionality as a conventional remote control while relieving you of the burden of having to keep track of one.

How to Use the Power Button on a TCL Television

You may also control your TCL television without the need for a remote by pressing the power button that is right on the television itself.

Even while this isn’t the most convenient approach to manage your TV because it requires you to stand up every time you want to modify the settings, it at least provides you with a way to control the TV in the event that the remote stops working or is misplaced.

Which TCL TV model you have will determine where the buttons for power and the menu are located on the television. The buttons are often situated at the bottom edge of the television monitor that is located in the middle of the screen.

Is It Possible to Purchase a Replacement Remote for TCL Televisions?

The third and final alternative for controlling your TCL TV is to purchase a replacement remote control if you do not choose to use a wireless app or the power button. If you have misplaced your TCL TV remote control but know the model number of your television, you should be able to obtain a replacement for it on the Internet. Additionally, there are universal remote controls available that are suitable for use with the TCL TV.

It Is Simple to Operate a TCL Television Even Without the Remote

Even if you don’t have a remote for your TCL TV, there are a few other ways you may get it to operate thanks to the advancements in smart technology that have been made in recent years. It is significantly less likely that you would misplace a smart remote if you use it in conjunction with your wireless device, making it even more convenient than using a conventional remote.

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