In just four hours, this modular off-grid solar EV charger can be erected.


In just four hours, this modular off-grid solar EV charger can be erected. A modular, off-grid electric car charger that is powered by a solar canopy has just been unveiled by Campbell, California-based Paired Power, a manufacturer of solar-powered EV chargers.

The firm’s latest modular charger, the PairTree, is a portable solar canopy with integrated EV charging capabilities. It can be utilized off the grid, but if preferred, it can also be connected to the grid.

PairTree is available in 5 kW units with 10 bifacial solar panels apiece, and branding, lighting, and media choices are also available.

Level 2 charging is offered by the AC charging station, and 120V outlet panels can be added to support backup or emergency power.

The Paired Powered app, which was created using EvGateway, allows users to pay, and it also gives them access to online help. Remote maintenance is performed on the solar and EV chargers.

PairTree can be set up by two persons in under four hours. Check out the video of it being built below:

Paired Power’s CEO and co-founder, Tom McCalmont, said:

The ability to begin charging on day one is one of the main advantages of PairTree’s solar canopy design and concept.

EV charging is gradually turning into a service that both regular people and employees expect, and is no longer just a perk for any place where a car might park.

Its ballasted steel foundation prevents the need for expensive foundation construction and delays in obtaining permits. It can be applied in any type of weather or situation. Additional battery alternatives and ground screws are available from PairTree to keep the charger in place during strong gusts.

Although PairTree can be put in multi-unit setups enabling numerous chargers in one location, the photographs in this article only show a single unit.

Orders for PairTree are already being accepted by Paired Power, and the business anticipates general delivery to start in the second quarter of 2023.