It Took Two Years to Make Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte Rocks a Wild Wig!


Golda Roshe uvel, the actress who portrays Queen Charlotte in the Netflix hit Bridgerton, is known for her extravagant wigs. But one wig in particular stands out – literally.

Season 3’s Swan Surprise

In season 3, Rosheuvel’s Queen Charlotte sports a wig unlike any other. This headpiece features motorized swans that appear to gracefully swim across her hair!

During a talk show appearance, Rosheuvel revealed the wig’s surprising backstory. It took a whopping two years to design and get approved for safety reasons.

From Ships to Swans: The Design Process

Hairstylist extraordinaire Erika Ökvist, who won an Emmy for her work on Bridgerton season 2, apparently has a mind brimming with creative ideas. Rosheuvel jokingly admitted shutting down some of Ökvist’s more ambitious concepts, like a miniature ship on her head!

The swan wig, however, captured Rosheuvel’s imagination. But safety concerns arose – imagine a malfunctioning wig sparking or exploding!

Safety First, Swans Second

The design process involved extensive safety checks to ensure the wig wouldn’t cause any harm. Thankfully, the final product is not only creative but also practical.

Lightweight Luxury

Rosheuvel emphasized that the swan wig is surprisingly lightweight. To ensure comfort, the battery pack is cleverly positioned on her thigh, with a wire discreetly running down her back.

She also humorously described the “fun” of having the sound director turn her “off” between takes, which involved lifting her skirt to access the battery pack.

Bridgerton season 3 part 2 premieres on Netflix on June 13th. Will Queen Charlotte’s swan wig steal the show? We’ll have to wait and see!