Iya Villania is back to doing workouts


Iya Villania is back to doing workouts, Iya Villania explained that she is not in a hurry to look “sexy” after giving birth to her fourth child, Astro Phoenix, even if her physician gave her the green light to perform a light workout. Astro Phoenix is the couple’s fourth child.

Iya Villania, an avid exerciser, has already resumed her workout routine just two weeks after giving birth to her fourth child.

On Saturday, June 18, the host of Chika Minute posted a video to her Instagram account showing her performing pull-ups, which immediately impressed her audience.

I was able to begin a moderate workout today thanks to the blessing of my medical professional. Also, got to try whether I could still pull up or not… and the decision is…?” she inquired.

Iya then looked back at the moment when she ended up bleeding more when she exercised two days after giving birth to her second child, Leon.

“I tried this earlier, 2 days after delivering Leon, and boy was that a mistake. I ended up bleeding more. So pls wait until bleeding subsides before you guys start working out again. Those who experienced a CS could find that they need to hold off on returning to the gym for a while longer.


In the same post, Iya confessed that she just tried to do pull-ups and did only two to three single repetitions of it. The first 15 minutes of her post-delivery activity are spent riding, and the remaining time is spent dynamically stretching while lifting modest weights.

She stated, “Disclaimer: My workout simply consisted of a 15min bike and my typical warm-up (dynamic stretching) with light weights which is around another 15mins. In addition to that, I did some breathing exercises in order to reacquaint my core with the correct way to engage and use it (see out @deliciouslyfitnhealthy for more information).

“My workout DID NOT have pull-ups! I merely tried out two to three single repetitions to see if I still had my pulling strength (out of my own curiosity), and I was pleasantly delighted to learn that I still did. Therefore, I am posting this to celebrate the fact that I still do.

Iya specified that she is not in a hurry to look “attractive,” but rather to demonstrate how working out enabled her to experience a quicker recovery from her injury.

She continued by saying, “But having prepared my body for pregnancy and having the healthiest one so far (out of the 4), it’s allowed me to experience a faster recovery, and if it’s something I can do, I know it’s something that many other mothers can enjoy as well.”

Iya further mentioned that her fitness journey during her pregnancy is a win-win situation as she spared herself from postpartum depression.

“A happy home is the result of a healthy and strong mother. There is nothing quite like being able to provide for your loved ones, not because you are coercing or pressuring yourself to do so, but rather because you have trained your body and are naturally able to do so.


“The fourth trimester is extremely important for mothers who are in the process of recuperating, and I found that hiring a night nurse and starting an exercise routine not long after delivery was the winning mix that kept postpartum depression at bay for me.


“This has been my journey, and I am aware that others have taken a different path. There is nothing I could want more for other mothers than for them to experience a pregnancy that is both healthy and safe.


Astro Phoenix was born on June 4 of this year to Iya and her husband, Drew Arellano. He is the couple’s fourth child.


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