Jack Grealish has a fantastic day at work after sitting down with Casemiro.


Jack Grealish has a fantastic day at work after sitting down with Casemiro. Jack Grealish, a star for Manchester City, celebrated his team’s annihilation of Manchester United in the derby by posting a series of tweets with the hashtag #greatdayattheoffice.

Grealish excelled in his team’s resounding victory, creating havoc for United right-back Diogo Dalot. The England international played well at the Etihad Stadium, and despite not scoring himself, he should be satisfied with the result.

And he told his Instagram followers how he planned to commemorate the historic win for Pep Guardiola’s side. To begin, he shared a photo album on his Instagram of the win, which featured himself with hat-trick hero Erling Haaland and the jubilant City locker room.

In the words of Grealish for the caption: “What an amazing day at the Etihad Stadium! Blue Manchester “. The winger’s third example showed him on the ball as United star Casemiro was left on the ground.

At the hour mark, Casemiro came off the bench and was quickly humiliated by the City superstar. At the edge of the penalty box, Grealish picked up the ball and drove forward with it.

When the final whistle blew, Grealish continued his Instagram tale. The photograph shows the Englishman eating Chinese takeout with two companions.

Grealish ate what looked like rice and captioned the photo, “To the victory!” “Happy workday, indeed. Make it official with a Chinese “. City manager Guardiola praised the winger’s effort despite his lack of a goal or an assist.

“And not only him. Just look at how well Jack Grealish is playing now. Kevin, and Gundogan – return to the holding midfield role he first played several years ago. They are submissive and obedient, “In response to a question concerning Haaland, he shared this information with Viaplay.

“I’m overjoyed. It’s not a matter of winning or losing, though naturally, we aim for victory. The intensity and dedication they’ve shown in just two or three days of training. It works well. You compete against other teams in this activity. I have a grasp on the essentials for Erling. That’s fine; in fact, it’s the standard.

“The fact that Erling knows Kevin is our greatest and most essential player because he has seen the highlights and accepts this is incredible. Egos are set aside as they aid one another. Something like that happens in team sports.

“In anticipation of this event, they strive to improve themselves. His friends at Erling’s work rave about how easily he adjusts and how frequently he cracks jokes. Yes, it will do. Do your best after that. Just be yourself. The rest of the time, you win some and lose some. You should strive to be able to say, “I did everything I could” in the locker room after the game is over. I gave it my all and did all I could. That will have to do. We won’t go beyond that.”