Jadakiss and his father and son launch the Kiss Cafe coffee brand


Jadakiss and his father and son launch the Kiss Cafe coffee brand, With his recently announced coffee endeavor, Jadakiss is keeping the business within the Jadakiss family. The rapper, who is now 47 years old, has officially joined a new industry through a venture that he started with his father, Bob Phillips, and his son, Jaewon Phillips. A press statement states that the Kiss Café is the result of three generations worth of history, loyalty, and love for coffee.

Since 1977, the Phillips family’s senior member has been actively working in the coffee industry. Since the year 1998, he has held the positions of president and chief executive officer at Caturra Corporation, a small-scale importing and trading company that focuses on green coffees from across the world.

Bob stated, “This is one of my finest achievements, both professionally and personally,” and he meant it. There is no higher honor than using what you’ve gained in this life to motivate members of your family to participate with you in bringing a particular endeavor to the next level.

The year 2018 marked the beginning of the youngest Phillips career in the coffee industry.

According to Jaewon, Kiss Café is the real deal. “It’s not a dream. Absolutely no tricks. Since it has been in our family for well over 40 years, everything that we do here comes straight from the heart.

Set Free Richardson, a longstanding creative director who is also a friend of the family, was responsible for the creative direction of the Kiss Café identity. Richardson’s agency, Compound, will be in charge of facilitating all marketing initiatives.

The Kiss Café began operations with the introduction of its Beijo roast, whose name literally translates to “kiss” in Portuguese. The choice of whole bean or ground coffee is available for the blend of medium-dark Arabica beans that originates in Central America. For the time being, Beijo may only be purchased on the official website of the brand. The lowest available price is $14.99.

In the upcoming weeks and months, Kiss Café is going to reveal its first retail and experienced partners.

“This coffee is for all coffee lovers,” the renowned hip-hop artist revealed. “This coffee is for all coffee lovers.” There is no requirement for a certain age, background, or level of understanding. Coffee is something that is both common and unique to each individual. Different people get different pleasures out of it. And we are here to assist them in accomplishing that.”