Who Is Juana Ahumada, Pedro Rivera’s Wife?


Fans and followers of Pedro Rivera, a famous Mexican artist, made a great deal out of Juana Ahumada’s marriage to him because they thought it was a major thing. What exactly was the point of all of that commotion? Let’s find out…

Juana Ahumada – Young Wife of Pedro Rivera

The vast majority of people don’t experience fame and fortune until they become intimately connected with the lives of other celebrities. Juana Ahumada’s circumstance is comparable. After her marriage to Don Pedro Rivera, Juana became a prominent figure in the community.

Why Did Juana Ahumada And Pedro Rivera’s Marriage Cause Such A Stir?

The news that Pedro Rivera had tied the knot with a second wife infuriated many people because he had been married to his first wife, Rosa Saavedra, for more than four decades at the time of the disclosure. People started to wonder why the pair had decided to end their relationship after being together for such a protracted period of time.

On the other hand, many were interested in gaining additional knowledge about Juana Ahumada and gaining a glimpse of her appearance. Rivero finally put an end to the general population’s curiosity about his personal life in 2019 when he disclosed that he had been married to Juana Ahumada on the program Un Nuevo Dia.

Who is Juana Ahumada?

Prior to Juana Ahumada’s marriage to Pedro Rivera, she did not have much of a public profile. After she got married, she immediately rose to a prominent position in society. On the other side, Pedro Rivera is a businessman, singer, and songwriter in addition to being an actor.

Before she became Pedro Rivera’s wife, Juana Ahumada served as his personal secretary. Today, she is Pedro Rivera’s wife. There were rumors going about that the two of them were already having an affair with Pedro’s first wife, Rosa Saavedra. Some of these stories were true.

Ahumada was born in the United States and raised there throughout his childhood. On the other hand, Pedro is a native of Mexico. He was born there. However, he moved to the United States when he was young and eventually made his home in Long Beach, California. This city is now his permanent place of residence.

Juana Ahumada hails from an affluent family, but Pedro comes from a family that is considered to be middle-class. She has a good education and is aware of how to maintain herself looking young and current in the fashion world. However, it would appear that she is significantly younger than her husband.

When did Pedro Rivera and Juana Ahumaada get married?

She tied the knot with Pedro Rivera in the year 2019, in the city of Huntington Park, in the state of California. Before the couple got married, Juana had a job with him as his assistant for eight years. When the pair decided to get married in 2019, they did so in a low-key ceremony and didn’t make the news public. This shocked their fans.

With time, their work relationship morphed into a personal one and they developed an affection for one another and became closer. After then, they began an intimate relationship that lasted for a number of years.

Smack Dab in the Heart of Rumors

The majority of people started to have doubts about Pedro Rivera after it was said that he had married a woman who was not even close to the age of his kid. It is strange for people in Mexican society to get married after having previously produced offspring as well as grandchildren.

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On the other hand, Mrs. Juana has always been plagued by awkward encounters in public. In the year 2020, Carolina Sandoval’s obvious attraction to Pedro River resulted in the two of them being seen kissing on camera during one of Pedro’s live performances or television presentations.

The fact that Juana Ahumada was standing so near to her husband, Rivera, was by far the most upsetting part of this interaction. However, the romance that existed between Juana Ahumada and Don Pedro Rivera was highly regarded in the realm of music in Mexico.

Juana Ahumada is only 40 years old, while Pedro Rivera, who is Juana’s husband, is a Mexican musician who is 77 years old. Already, she is the stepmother to six of Pedro’s children, and she has a total of 14 grandchildren, as well as four great-grandchildren.

Because Pedro Rivera’s life was already a mess before he and his new wife got married, the couple’s already challenging circumstances got even worse after the wedding. In addition, Pedro forecasted that his children would be dismayed when they learned about his new bride after she was introduced to them.

As Lupillo, Pedro’s son, and Jenni, an artist who passed away, were not always completely content with their relationship, in the beginning, Pedro gave an interview in which he rationalized his actions by saying that he wants his children to understand that the marriage he and Rosa shared was completely meaningless. And there was very little that was preferable to simply going our separate ways.

Juana Ahumada Likes to Keep Everything Low-key

According to the sources, Juana has never been married to anyone before. Her first spouse is Pedro Rivera, and she couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled in her life. The pair currently do not have any kids together. Despite this, it’s incredible to see how well she gets along with Pedro’s kids and grandchildren.

According to an interview that Pedro Rivera conducted with a high-end magazine executive, Juana Ahumada is not familiar with the media. She doesn’t even go to parties, and she never engages with the media or discusses issues that affect the community as Pedro does.

According to what he said to the writer, his wife Juana has never held a position of prominence in the public eye. She does not enjoy being the center of attention, and she would much rather remain at home and keep her personal life private. Juana prefers to maintain a low profile in most situations.

Why Did Juana Ahumada And Pedro Rivera’s Marriage Cause Such A Stir?

On the television show “A New Day,” Pedro Rivera and Juana Ahumada revealed that they were in a romantic relationship. During the interview, the young wife was asked how Pedro Rivera managed to win her heart, and she responded as follows:

“He is a person who has a lot of enthusiasm for what it is that he does, and I love that. I also love that he does not give up on anything, not even if he gets trampled on, and I love that he is very respectful of people. ”

How Pedro Rivera’s First Marriage Ended in Divorce

The wedding took place in 1963 for the former couple. The newlyweds went to Long Beach, California, not long after returning from their honeymoon, and it was there that they spent the rest of their years together. They had been together for more than 40 years, during which time their love for one another continued to grow and flourish.

Their marriage, however, was cut short when, in the middle of the 2000s, Pedro Rivera began engaging in a series of extramarital affairs. This led to the dissolution of their marriage. When the divorce was finally formalized in 2008, their relationship came to an end.

When Pedro Rivera was only 15 years old, he started working as a lottery ticket salesman prior to his marriage to Rosa Rivera. He had a thing for Rosa Saavedra, a former resident of the neighborhood who he fancied.

It was such a rare occurrence that Pedro won the lottery one day and hit it big, but he couldn’t really sell his winning ticket since he couldn’t really part with it. The wedding between Rosa and Pedro was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

As was to be expected, Rosa’s father initiated legal action against Pedro for marrying Rosa, who was just 14 years old at the time. As a direct result of his actions, he was given a prison sentence. The pair has managed to remain a unit for close to four decades now.


Pedro Rivera has a child, right?

Has Pedro Rivera ever had a kid? From his former union with Rosa Saavedra, he is the proud father of six kids. Pedro Rivera Jr., Gustavo, Lupillo, Juan, Jenni, and Rosie are his children.

Are Brenda and Juan Rivera still a couple?

Who is Juan Rivera’s spouse? He has been with Brenda since 1995, and they are now married. Before getting married in 2021, the couple reportedly dated for 22 years after meeting when Brenda was 17 years old.

Lexi Rivera’s adoption story is?

She was taken in with her brothers five years ago and afterward adopted by her foster family. Alexa Rivera, a junior in college, arrived in Madera for the weekend from Colorado.