Julia Roberts Daughter Hazel Makes Red Carpet Debut


Meet Hazel Moder, the adolescent Julia Roberts Daughter, and Daniel Moder, who made her first appearance on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival 2021.

Roberts and her husband, cinematographer Daniel Moder, have three children together: twins named Hazel and Phinnaeus, and a younger boy named Henry. The couple met while working on the set of The Mexican.

The actress is putting together a “legacy collection” of haute couture for Hazel, which will include the Valentino gown she wore to accept the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Film for Erin Brockovich.

It would appear that Pretty Woman (1990) and Erin Brockovich (2000) actress Julia Roberts, who has starred in a number of films including Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich, is, at last, prepared to present the public with her only child, Hazel Moder.

Julia Roberts Daughter Hazel Moder

The stunning teen, who was raised far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, made her red carpet debut at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in France not too long ago.

Hazel was casual and carefree in a butterscotch yellow button-up lace dress and a pair of chunky black Mary Janes. Hazel’s appearance was inspired by her superstar mother’s sense of fashion. She finished off the understated appearance by pulling her hair back into a carefree ponytail.

At the premiere of her father Daniel Moder’s newest film, Flag Day, Hazel was all smiles for the cameras as she showed her support for her father. Daniel is a cinematographer.

However, apart from the fact that she is a famous person’s child, what else do we know about her?

Hazel Patricia Moder and her brother Phinnaeus entered the world on the same day, November 28, 2004. Both of their parents were named Patricia.

After meeting on the set of The Mexican, a comedy film directed by Roberts in 2001, the couple didn’t have to wait long before they were welcomed by their renowned parents. In addition to Phinnaeus, Hazel also has a sibling who goes by the name Henry and is three years younger than both of them.

As an extra, she made an appearance in one of Julia Roberts’ films.

Hazel is a veteran of the entertainment industry, despite the fact that she has only very recently made her debut on the red carpet. The aspiring fashionista had a small part in her mother’s film Mother’s Day, which was released in 2016 and was a romantic comedy-drama.

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While this was going on, Roberts mentioned on Good Morning America that of the many great movies that she owns, she is particularly excited for Hazel to watch My Best Friend’s Wedding.

She’s got a promising future in… athletics?

It is not out of the question to assume that Hazel, whose mother is an award-winning actress and whose father is a cameraman, will one day pursue a career in the entertainment industry. However, she is also a notable participant in the athletic events that take place at her school.

Julia Roberts Daughter Hazel Moder

At her football games, she and her mother have been photographed multiple times, and on her father’s Instagram feed, she can be seen participating in outdoor activities like swimming and biking.

She was named one of the “cutest celebrity babies”

Her very first appearance on television was in 2006 when the popular television show VH1: All Access featured Hazel and her twin in an episode titled “Top 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies.” This was Hazel’s first-ever debut on television.

She is the lone inheritor of Roberts’ “heritage collection.”

You are able to get your hands on your mother’s vintage couture outfits, which is another perk of being the daughter of an A-list star.

Julia Roberts revealed in an interview with People in 2017 that she is specifically keeping her legendary black Valentino column gown for the role of Hazel. Roberts wore the gown at the 2001 Academy Awards to accept her prize for best actress.

“My husband calls this teeny-tiny nook in our home the heritage collection, and it’s one of my favorite spots in the whole house. She told the magazine, “Things I go, ‘I can’t get rid of [this], what about Hazel?'”


Is there a biological daughter of Julia Roberts?

The sole child of Julia and Danny, Hazel, was born on November 28, 2004.

Julia Roberts has been married how many times?

Roberts was previously married to country music icon Lyle Lovett from 1993 to 1995; Moder is her second union. According to PEOPLE, the couple married after only three weeks of dating. Roberts allegedly wore a $2,000 Commes de Garçons gown as she made her way down the aisle barefoot.

When Julia Roberts had her most recent child, how old was she?

In Hawaii, last month, Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder appeared to be inseparable from their three children, twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 13, and Henry, 11.