Kanye West to acquire uncancelable social media platform, Parler


Kanye West to acquire uncancelable social media platform, Parler, a rapper who also goes by the name Ye, has reportedly reached an agreement to buy the “uncancelable free speech platform” Parler. The two parties announced this development in a statement on Monday, claiming that this move will assist individuals in freely expressing their conservative opinions.

As part of the agreement, Parler has agreed to sell the company in its entirety to West, but the social network will continue to receive technical support from Parlement Technologies. This support will include access to the company’s private cloud services as well as its data center infrastructure. The terms of the financial transaction were not disclosed. The transaction is anticipated to be finalized during the current quarter.

West, who has accused Meta and Twitter of censoring him in recent weeks, issued the following statement in response: “In a society where conservative beliefs are regarded to be controversial, we have to make sure that we have the ability to openly express ourselves.”

West, who also manages firms in the fashion and sports industries, had his Instagram and Twitter accounts suspended earlier this month for spreading anti-Jewish remarks, which led to the suspension.

After being removed from the Google Play Store in the aftermath of the Capital riots in January 2021 for its part in inciting violence, the app Parler, which is widely regarded as a safe haven for conservatives and has attracted supporters of the now-defunct President Donald Trump, made its triumphant return to the store just a few weeks ago.

According to a statement released by the company, “The planned acquisition will secure Parler a future role in developing an uncancelable ecosystem where all voices are welcome.”

Parler, which has its headquarters in Nashville, was established in 2018 by John Matze and Rebekah Mercer. Rebekah Mercer is the daughter of Robert Mercer, who established Breitbart and was a millionaire hedge fund manager.

Parler has raised approximately $56 million in private investment rounds. The firm, which has billed itself as “free speech” and aimed to fight against censorship, introduced a content control layer to the platform in an effort to be restored by Apple’s App Store last year.

According to the market intelligence platform Sensor Tower, Parler’s mobile applications for iOS and Android have collectively garnered just over 250,000 monthly active users. (The information was provided to TechCrunch by a senior executive in the industry.)

A survey conducted by Pew Research among more than 10,000 individuals revealed earlier this month that 38% of respondents were familiar with the name Parler.

The chief executive officer of Parlement Technologies, George Farmer, issued the following statement: “This deal will alter the globe, and it will transform the way that people throughout the world think about free expression.”

As a result of Ye’s revolutionary entry into the free speech media realm, Ye will never have to worry about getting taken from social media ever again. Ye demonstrates once more that he is one step ahead of the narrative being propagated by legacy media. It will be an honor for Parlement to assist him in accomplishing his ambitions.