Kid Rock laments the impending demolition of Hank Williams’ house


Kid Rock laments the impending demolition of Hank Williams’ house: “I’m sick of seeing history torn to pieces.”  On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, musician Kid Rock spoke out against the probable demolition of the antebellum house of iconic country music performer Hank Williams.

The 1850s-era Beechwood Hall, which is close to Franklin, Tennessee, was constructed and endured the Civil War. Hank Williams, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill, two well-known country music performers, all owned it.

Fund manager Larry Keele purchased the 268-acre estate in 2021, but Williamson County residents are worried about the house and believe it may soon be demolished.

Rock expressed his frustration with history being “ripped to pieces” to host Tucker Carlson.

Where does it end, he questioned, “Whether it be in the shape of monuments, statues, and now something so essential here in Nashville?”

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In a statement, the non-profit preservation group Heritage Foundation of Williamson County said it is working with the new owners in a “collaborative and positive manner” to “develop a thorough preservation plan, and bring resources and ideas to the table for discussion.”

Additionally, Keele issued a statement on the group’s behalf rejecting any preparations for demolition. Contrary to misinformation that is being spread, no historical objects have been disposed of in a burn pile, and no demolition is planned.

Keele mentioned that architects had visited the property to make recommendations on how to improve the restoration so that it more closely resembles the original Beechwood Hall. The “rear 1970s extension,” he said, had been taken out because it was “not historical.”

The architects are “carefully selected professionals,” according to activists at, a group whose goal is to prevent any more demolition and conserve the historic house. They are allegedly trying to “create a perception that the property is ‘too far gone to be repaired.”

Kid Rock expressed his hope that more people will speak out against Beechwood Hall’s imminent demolition and fight for its preservation.

“There will, in my opinion, be a huge number of people who join. They can visit, where, in my opinion, they will find a lot more musicians, country music stars, and wonderful locals who want to protect this for future generations. a few generations later, “said he.