Kyron Horman 2022 Disappearance Case Progress After 11 Years


Kyron Horman 2022 began attending Skyline School, located in Northwest Portland, on June 4, 2010. He suddenly disappeared, and nobody has seen him since.

His mother, Desiree Young, utilized Facebook to bring up her son’s legacy 11 years after his death.

There has been too much silence, and it seems that Multnomah County may not be aware that they are still looking for Kyron, she wrote. The next time I see them, I’m delivering a message that says, “This is not acceptable and I will be taking it to their doorstep. Please know how much you mean to me, Kyron. I will always be your biggest advocate.

Kyron Horman 2022 Disappearance Case Progress After 11 Years

The District Attorney for Multnomah County, Mike Schmidt, tweeted in the afternoon, “Bringing Kyron Horman home is our number one goal in this case and we will never lose sight of that.”

The Day Kyron Horman Went Missing

For nine days, Kyron Horman’s case was treated as a missing person’s investigation when he vanished from Skyline School. On the tenth day, Kyron’s dad Kaine and stepmom Terri Moulton Horman, together with Desiree Young and her husband Tony, went to a church across the street.

The investigation was upgraded to a criminal investigation, the team said. When asked by Lisa Balick of KOIN 6 News if they needed to locate Kyron in order to make an arrest, Sheriff Dan Staton replied, “No.”

Nobody has been apprehended yet. Not a trace of Kyron can be found.

Some Court Records

The now-divorced Kaine Horman and his wife, Desiree, have never stopped pressing his ex-wife, Terri, for information.

In the days after she sent Kyron off at school and snapped a photo of him with his science project, Terri was the last person seen.

On August 25, 2010, in Portland, Oregon, Terri Horman, accompanied by attorneys Peter Bunch and Stephen Houze, right, exits the Multnomah County Courthouse following a short hearing. (Photo by Ross/AP) Bill Hamilton, Pool)

No suspect has ever been mentioned by investigators. However, in court documents, both Terri’s attorney and the judge have referred to her as a suspect.

According to other court documents, before Kyron disappeared, Terri intended to hire a landscaper to assassinate Kaine Horman.

Desiree claimed, “I think she strategically did something to take out me, Kaine, the teacher, and the principal at the school.” She took out her frustrations on many people in one fell swoop that day. So, I guess she deserves praise for thinking out a way to injure us all.

Terri speaks little

Over the years, Terri Horman’s responses have been minimal.

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Terri Horman stated, “I did not kill him,” on Dr. Phil in 2016. He was not kidnapped by me, and all I want is for him to be found. She claimed she had trouble hearing during one lie detector test and that the examiner was rushing through the other. On the third exam, she simply left.

Terri told Dr. Phil, “The fact is, I have no idea where he is, no idea who has him, no idea if he is alive, and no idea if he is being held captive.” Current status of the case

Desiree claims that detectives would reveal incriminating emails authored by Terri in a 2020 Investigation Discovery documentary.

Desiree says in the film, “You see how she puts in the paper how she hates Kyron and wanting he would simply die.”

Detectives were obviously looking into Terri Horman further as the probe entered its fourth week. In addition, they thought she brought another adult with her when she drove Kyron to school for the science fair. Terri, her white pickup truck, and Terri’s friend Dede Spicher all made appearances on a police flier.

The flier and a questionnaire asking if anybody had seen the women or the truck between 8:45 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on the day Kyron disappeared were delivered to everyone who lived within a four-mile radius of Skyline Elementary School.

Kyron was last seen by several people heading across the parking lot with Terri on the day he disappeared. It was speculated that Terri’s truck concealed a second adult.

Terri had always said no and according to Dede’s story, she was at work the day Kyron vanished, so it seems unlikely that she was with him. Even after being subjected to a polygraph test, Dede steadfastly denied any involvement in her disappearance.

Age progression of Kyron Horman 2022 Photo provided by NCMEC

People seemed to think Terri had done something to Kyron, but the police were unable to locate any evidence to back up this view. Investigators kept looking in other directions so they wouldn’t look like they were stuck in a rut. All of the local sex offenders on the books were investigated.

They looked over the Skyline Elementary School visitors’ logs for the week Kyron disappeared. Every probable sighting of the child was investigated, and the police made sure it was followed up on.

They obtained call records from the cell phone tower that was geographically closest to the elementary school on the morning that Kyron vanished, and they then contacted the individuals who made those calls. The task force spent over 26,000 hours on the inquiry in the first year alone, during which time they interviewed over 3,500 witnesses. Nothing they did helped them locate Kyron.

Desiree sued Terri Horman for damages in civil court in June 2012. She also asked the court to order Kyron’s biological mother to either return him or lead authorities to his remains, in addition to monetary reparations. Terri asked the court to put off the lawsuit because it was seeking information that could lead to criminal charges.

Although a judge found no basis for postponement, Desiree ultimately decided to withdraw her claim. Terri maintains she is innocent and has no idea what happened to Kyron.

Kaine was awarded exclusive custody of their daughter, Kiara when his divorce from Terri was finalized in 2013. Terri Lynn Moulton Horman petitioned the court to be renamed Claire Stella Sullivan in June 2014. She claimed that she was unable to obtain work because the probe had tarnished her reputation.

Kyron Horman 2022 Disappearance Case Progress After 11 Years

The judge denied her desire to start over with a new name. She was able to secure employment as a mental health support expert, but she resigned after just two months, citing threats of violence and stalking. A court refused her request for a restraining order because there was no evidence to support her claim that the lady had been chasing her.

There have been numerous investigations conducted in the decade since Kyron disappeared, but no physical evidence of the youngster has ever been located. Desiree and Kaine have resolved to keep their optimism despite the fact that they have accepted the likelihood that Kyron is no longer with them. There have been no formal charges brought against him.

A young boy named Kyron Horman vanished in 2010; he was just seven years old. His eyes are blue, his hair is brown, and his vision is terrible. He was 50 pounds and 3 feet, 8 inches tall when he vanished.

Black cargo trousers, white sports socks, and black Skechers with orange trim were last seen on him. His CSI t-shirt had green text and an image of a handprint on the front. A pair of spectacles with a metal frame also adorned his person.