Livestream shows a Canadian health care worker drowning in the motel pool


Livestream shows a Canadian health care worker drowning in the motel pool, The horrifying footage appears to show a health care worker filming her own death when she drowned on a live feed while swimming in the pool of a motel in Ontario, Canada.

According to The Toronto Star, the video of the tragic event shows that Hellen Nyabuto, 24 years old, died of drowning on Thursday when she was swimming in Chatsworth, a suburb of Toronto.

At first, Nyabuto could be seen giggling and engaging in conversation with people watching online as she splashed around in the shallow end of the pool.

But as she got closer to the deep end, she started having a lot of trouble and yelling for assistance, even though the camera wasn’t able to see her while she was swimming.

The feed, which has since been taken from Facebook, continued for a few more hours before other hotel guests were seen approaching the pool and discovering Nyabuto’s lifeless body. Since then, Facebook has erased the feed.

As her body was lying at the bottom of the deep end, the visitors who discovered her could be heard initially questioning whether or not the body was really real. One of them suggested that it may be a dead dog due to the fact that her body was at the bottom of the pool.

Another attendee chimes in to say that deceased bodies are supposed to float after being submerged in water, but this did not occur in the event of Nyabuto’s passing.

They were eventually successful in contacting the authorities, who fished her out of the sea and took her to a safe location before verifying her identification.

The victim of the drowning was a worker in the health care industry and the “breadwinner for family back home.”

According to the Star, Nyabuto immigrated to Canada in 2018 from her home country of Kenya. Prior to that, she worked as “the breadwinner back home for her family” at a long-term care residence located in the suburbs of Toronto.

Nyamwaya stated that her family has been attempting to raise enough money to bring her body back to Kenya from Toronto, and he followed that statement up by saying, “we need prayers.” We are in need of monetary assistance.”

Out of a total goal of $50,000, the GoFundMe campaign has now raised $51,319 CAD.

The victim’s family has spoken out to refute rumors of foul play and maintain that her passing was the result of an accident.

According to The Toronto Star, Nyamwaya, who was also a former college classmate of Nyabuto, said that her family understands it was an accident and debunked allegations that her death was the product of foul play. She was also quoted as saying that her family knows it was an accident.

Enock, Nyabuto’s sister, remarked that her sister “touched many hearts with her work” and was “passionate about her profession.”

“Hellen Wendy was bursting with vitality. She described him in the GoFundMe description as having a “charming heart” and a “warm grin.” “The mood of everyone who came into contact with Wendy improved. She poured her heart and soul into her work, and as a result, she moved many people.

Each year, a natural body of water in Canada is responsible for the drowning deaths of an average of 338 persons. In the meantime, the number of persons who drown each year in the United States ranges between 3,500 and 4,000.