Messi shines against Mexico in key World Cup moments for Argentina


Messi shines against Mexico in key World Cup moments for Argentina, Messi shines against Mexico in key World Cup moments for Argentina Right when they most needed him. Just when you were beginning to believe that it might not be happening or that it might be too difficult.

The Argentina team battled for an hour against a fierce, determined Mexico, just when you thought the defeat to Saudi Arabia had taken the wind out of their sails.

Then along comes Lionel Messi in the midst of all that.

The talisman’s outstanding goal brought the Lusail Stadium to its feet and delighted a sizable number of Argentina supporters who were facing an early elimination.

It was Messi’s night, but Enzo Fernandez’s brilliant second goal sealed Argentina’s victory.

Now he could see how it had developed.

1. Stuck in the middle with you

Messi played a key role in the game’s opening moments, just like against Saudi Arabia in that humiliating loss, but that did nothing but allow the game to pass him by.

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The Mexicans were so aggressive in the opening exchanges, and really throughout the entire first half, that the Argentina No. 10 was forced into positions he didn’t want to be in.

That made sure that the game was going on all around him, especially out wide and then in the Argentina midfield, where Rodrigo De Paul had been singled out by the Mexicans and appeared to be identified as the weak link. They were accurate.

De Paul and the rest of his teammates were attempting to play through the center, but they were unable to get the ball to their talisman, and when he dropped deep and looked to receive it, he only served to strengthen Mexico’s position.

Messi appeared to be in a bad mood.

2. All eyes are on him

Since Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia, it has been a defining aspect of this World Cup.

There are songs being sung about Messi everywhere you go, whether it’s on a Metro train, in front of a stadium, or on the bay.

Every nation’s fans, with the exception of those from Argentina, have been rejoicing in the anguish the main man must have felt following that momentous World Cup event.

With this game in mind and the chance to eliminate both Messi and Argentina, Mexico fans, who make up one of the largest traveling fan bases here, have been taking advantage of it more than most.

3. Off the radar

While Messi and most other players were devoid of opportunities in the first half, a great opportunity—by his standards, at least—arrived early in the second.

The little man was given a free kick in a spot that, if he had been given the opportunity to pick up and kick the ball, he almost certainly would have chosen himself. About 25 yards away, on the right side of the D.

His name was chanted by Argentina fans, while Mexicans laughed at him.

When he stepped up and… drifted it high over the bar, the tension during the build-up to the free-kick had almost reached unbearable levels.

The jeers of the Mexicans changed to applause.

4. The moment

You couldn’t predict it’d happen. Or perhaps you could because of the source.

However, when it showed up, well.

For a brief moment, he had us all in the ground fooled. While we anticipated a pass, a shot, or really anything to come at some point, we didn’t quite anticipate it to come at that specific moment when Messi had the ball at his feet.

That is the brilliance of the best.

The deadlock was broken and the man—The Man—had delivered for his country in the blink of an eye as the ball was arrowing into the lower corner.

It was unique.

5. The moment after the moment

Then again, what followed might have been even better.

As was already mentioned, Messi has received a lot of criticism over the past week. While it won’t bother him if some Saudi Arabia, Brazil, or Tunisia fans yell in passing on the Corniche, it would have bothered the Argentina supporters who had to hear it.

After all, it was their idol who was being disregarded, and they wouldn’t tolerate it any longer.