Metro Mars Net Worth, Age, Height, Education, Career & Wiki


Metro Mars Net Worth: Metro Marrs is a 19 years old young rapper from Atlanta. He is best known for his hit songs “Bye Felicia” and “Oh Yeah”. 

Marrs was recently arrested by police for throwing $10,000 at his high school graduation ceremony at Atlanta’s Langston Hughes High School. As of 2022, Metro Marrs net worth is estimated to be around $50 to $100 thousand.

Real Name Metro Marrs
Age 19
Birth Place Atlanta, United States
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $50 to $100 thousand

Early life

Metro Mars Net Worth: Bio, Age, Career, Wiki, Real Name & More

Metro Marrs was born in Atlanta, United States of America. His real date of birth is still missing. Though we came to know that he is 19 years old. His father, Young Trimm is also a rapper. He was actually inspired by his father to take music as his career goal. Marrs was 5 years old, when his father, Young Trimm was signed by the record producer Tricky Stewart’s record label, Red Zone.

Metro Marrs Net Worth & Career in Rapping

Metro is blessed with a distinctive melodic voice. He started working on his own song around in 2018. His early song titled “No Stoppin’ Me” was released in April 2018. The official music video of the song was released on April 14, 2018, on YouTube. However, the music video didn’t get a good response.

Soon, he came up with his another single titled “Toast It Up”, which was released in November 2018. The song also failed to get good views on YouTube. Following that, he kept on working on his other songs, and released a few songs like “Irregular”, “Racks Up”, “Wish Me Well”, and “Go Big or Go Home”.

On February 6, 2020, he released a song titled “Cut From Another Cloth”. The song became his first song which received over 10K YouTube views. After two weeks, he released an audio version of his song titled “Bye Felicia”. The song received a good response from music lovers. In April 2020, he released an official lyric video of the song “Bye Felicia”. The video made the song more popular and received over 171K views.

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Marrs continued working on his next songs, and in July 2020, he came up with a song titled “Oh Yeah”. The song was loved by the people, and it went on to receive over 172K views on YouTube. His melodic voice on the song also grabbed the attention of QC’s Coach K and Pee Take.

In December 2020, Marrs released an official music video of the song “Bye Felicia”. To date, the video has received over 824K views on YouTube. Marrs came up with a new song titled “Nonchalant” in January 2021. The song became a massive hit, receiving over 1 million views on YouTube. It was one of the songs from his debut mixtape, which is scheduled to be released soon in 2021.

Metro Marrs Personal Life

Metro Marrs has not specified his current relationship status. Thus, he is assumed to be single. Marrs has been recently been arrested by the police. He was arrested at his high school graduation ceremony, where he showered $10,000 on the stage. The school officials were not happy with his childish behavior, and in the end, the police detained him on the charge of disorderly conduct and incitement of a riot.

Metro Marrs Net Worth

Metro Mars Net Worth: Bio, Age, Career, Wiki, Real Name & More

Metro Marrs has amassed an estimated net worth of $50 to $100 thousand by 2022. Though, it is just a prediction since his real net worth value has not come out yet. Marrs might also be earning a satisfying amount from his self-titled YouTube channel, where he has 2.8K subscribers and over 2.6 million views.


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