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Mike Lindell Net Worth: Michael James Lindell is an American businessman who is most known for establishing the firm that is now known as My Pillow. This company is in the business of producing pillows, bedding, and slipper items. It is anticipated that Mike Lindell’s net worth will be close to $100 million by the year 2022.

Lindell is a fervent admirer of Donald Trump, and he is also the founder of the Lindell Foundation, which is a charitable organization with the mission of assisting drug addicts.

Full Name Michael James Lindell
Birth Date June 28, 1961,
Birth Place Mankato, Minnesota
Profession Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $100 million

Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Rich is the My Pillow CEO Actually?

Early Life

Mike’s birthday is June 28th, and he was born in the state of Minnesota in a town called Carver. During his adolescent years, Lindell acquired a dependency on narcotics, which would later come to negatively impact every aspect of his life as he became older.

Concerning his academic background, he enrolled at the University of Minnesota but left after only a few short weeks of classes. He did not complete his degree. Following this, Lindell made the decision to put his attention solely on his business endeavors.

Mike Lindell Net Worth and Career

Lindell got his start in the entrepreneurial world by launching a variety of side businesses, including one in which he offered carpet cleaning services and another in which he manufactured lunch trailers. He even had jobs behind the bar and in the kitchen at several eateries.

However, during his 20s, he struggled with addiction to a variety of narcotics, which hampered his advancement. However, he would go on to develop a product known as the My Pillow, which was an original and patented pillow that he began manufacturing in the year 2004.

The design of the cushion is unique in that it consists of both open cells and poly foam. In the beginning, there were only five individuals working for him at the company, but now there are more than 1500 people on his payroll.

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He began the company with just those five people. His son Darren is currently responsible for overseeing the operations of the company, while Lindell is concentrating his efforts on pursuing political aspirations in addition to those of the business.

Lindell has also been working on a different kind of social media network, which he has described to the press as being a hybrid of Twitter and YouTube. This product, which was given the name Frank, was introduced to the market in April of 2021.

However, the launch did not go as planned since the platform encountered a large number of technical difficulties, which Lindell explained were the result of the tremendous amount of attacks it had been subjected to.

Personal Life

Lindell has gone through the process of getting married and then divorcing twice, the first time being with Karen Dickey. His second marriage, to Dallas Yocum, took place in 2013, however, the couple’s union would not continue for even a single year.

Lindell is a father to four kids from his two previous marriages. He has also been quite giving to other groups, such as the Salvation Army and the Union Gospel Mission, both of which provide aid to those in need.

Throughout his 20s, Lindell battled a significant amount of addiction, the majority of which was caused by cocaine use. During this time period, he also racked up a significant amount of gambling debt, which ultimately resulted in the foreclosure of his home.

Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Rich is the My Pillow CEO Actually?

However, through the power of prayer, he was able to overcome his addiction to alcohol in the year 2009. Today, he is responsible for establishing the Lindell Foundation, which is a charitable organization that assists individuals in overcoming drug dependency.

Mike Lindell Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Mike Lindell has a net worth of $100 million. It is estimated that Lindell’s company has been successful in selling more than 30 million pillows throughout the course of its history, which has contributed to Lindell’s establishment of such a substantial net worth.


The value of Mike Lindell’s company is.

Can we get an estimate on Mike Lindell’s wealth? Mike’s net worth is roughly $50 million, according to the Celebrity Net Worth website. Most people would recognize him from his founding of the pillow manufacturing company MyPillow in 2004. Since starting the company, the 61-year-old CEO has been a businessman.

What sort of salary can one expect to make working for MyPillow?

The average hourly wage at MyPillow is $18.98, with salaries ranging from $14.00 (Logistics Supervisor) to $20.00 (Help Desk Analyst). Indeed users, employees, and job postings from the last 36 months provide 8 data points used to calculate salary ranges.

Just how wealthy is the man who created the My Pillow brand?

Assisting the team is Mike Lindell The Value of Something (Forbes 2022) Financial Gains of MyPillow’s CEO