My lucky streak continues as I defied the odds to make it to Ascot


My lucky streak continues as I defied the odds to make it to Ascot: DAME After defying the odds and making it to Royal Ascot yesterday, Deborah James is quoted as saying that she feels as though her “fortunate run continues.” 

The writer for The Sun looked absolutely stunning in a polka dot dress and was accompanied by her brother Benjamin James and his fiancee Ashley Hall.

The mother of two, who is 40 years old and lives in Berkshire, beamed for the camera as she enjoyed the occasion.

“It was quite unplanned, but it was such a great day,” she said in an interview with The Sun.

Ascot is one of those events that I try to attend at least once a year with my girlfriends, so the fact that I will really be able to attend this year is very exciting.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it.”

Debs, a campaigner, and podcaster were also seen in a photo with Natalie Rushdie, a singer who has been educated in classical singing, and she even posed for a picture with Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

“Given the fact that I’m lucky to still be here, I thought I’d have a bet,” Debs stated while she was restricted to a wheelchair. “Given the fact that I’m lucky to still be here, I thought I’d have a bet,” she said.

I asked myself, “What do I have to lose?”

I made my money back and probably covered the cost of the gas to get home by winning three out of the four races that I bet on. It would appear that my run of good luck will continue.

After a campaign that was undertaken by The Sun to honor our columnist, Deborah, who is married to Seb and has two children with him, Eloise, 12, and Hugo, 14, was created a Dame in a single day last month.

Debs was overjoyed when Prince William made a personal visit to the family at their home in Woking, where her parents live, to award her with her Damehood.

“Unfortunately I did not get the chance to see any of my new Royal friends at Ascot,” said Debs.

“I had the good fortune that the group in charge of organizing everything made certain that I had a quiet and protected space in which to take it all in. “

It was wonderful to recognize some familiar faces and catch up with old ones. I also pampered myself by drinking a powerful margarita.”

However, she said, “I’m exhausted once more now. I’m going to head home now to get some rest and catch up on Sherwood.

Debs’ fund reached £6.7 million during the course of the weekend.

The money that is raised from this fund will be distributed to organizations such as Cancer Research UK, the Royal Marsden, and Bowel Cancer UK in order to assist research aimed at “giving more Deborah’s more time.”

Deborah has stated in the past that her favorite season is the British one, and her collection titled “In The Style” even includes dresses designed specifically for events such as Wimbledon.

The Dame recently went to the Glyndebourne opera theatre, which is one of her favorite places to visit, and she had a wonderful day.

On Saturday, Debs and her husband Sebastien Bowen attended the performance of La bohème at the venue located in East Sussex while decked up in their finest attire.

As she undergoes end-of-life care for her colon cancer, opera aficionado Debs revealed that she was “trying to see a few of her favorites one final time.”

Debs, who is intent on making the most of the summer, has been basking in the warmth of the weather and even managed to attend supper at the Beaverbrook country estate in Surrey on Friday.

After being transferred to palliative care a month ago, the author who writes for The Sun has been residing at her parents’ house in Woking.

She has shared a number of updates, the majority of which are pictures of the breathtaking garden, from there.

In addition, in order for her to make the most of this opportunity, she has been indulging in traditional cocktails with her loved ones and close friends.

On Tuesday night, Debs disclosed her “sundowner treat of choice” in an Instagram post that she had published.

Sexual activity on the beach. She added, “Perhaps I need to just name this working my way through all old school cocktails day-by-day before I’m gone.”

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In the picture, there are bottles of Arches and Smirnoff vodka presented next to the delectable beverages that are being served.

Debs added: “That is, in fact, Archers! And yes, I did spend my childhood playing archery and drinking lemonade as a staple in the college party scene.”

Debs recently expressed her appreciation for being able to experience the warmth of the sun on her face and the delight that comes from eating food that makes her smile.

She continued by saying that she was “just trying to locate the diamond moments in the rough,” but that “when you search hard enough you realize that they can still be there.”

Through her partnership with In The Style, she has been able to realize a few of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Adam Frisby, the founder of the company, stated that he was “very delighted” to have been able to work with Debs on her fashion collection and t-shirts, both of which have collected close to one million pounds for the charity.

He continued by saying, “Having the honor of working with someone like Debs and knowing how happy this has made her in such extraordinarily challenging circumstances makes all of the hard work so worthwhile.”

In the end, though, we would not have been able to raise any money if it weren’t for the support that we received from all of you, and for that, I am extremely grateful.”

Deborah announced the details of her upcoming fundraising endeavor with In The Style yesterday, which is going to involve a limited edition run of tops for males.

She remarked, “Anyone interested in a’men’s’ or whoever wants to wear it version – navy and white – very limited edition.” The edition is extremely limited.

I swear this will be the final color option! My only goal is to reach one million pounds.”