Name this new character from season 5


Name this new character from season 5: Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 5 Battle Pass has at long last been made available to players, putting an end to weeks of player anticipation and strange rifts in the fabric of space and time. The topic is “Worlds Collide,” and it seems to be a mash-up of a tonne of various topics along the lines of “Worlds Collide.” However, nailing down the subject much further than that is a little bit tough to understand for some reason. We enjoy having fun revolving around many topics, such as the beach, the military, and the Vikings.

Name this new character from season 5

In any case, purchasing the ticket grants access to a vast assortment of supplementary material, such as skins, pickaxes, emotes, contrails, and sprays, among other things. Let’s take a look at all of the unique skins that are available with the Season 5 Battle Pass for Fortnite, which are as follows:

Name this new character from season 5

Drift: This guy seems to be the major character of the season, and he even has unlocked styles as Carbide and Omega did from the previous season. He also seems to be the main character of the season. Drift is the most important character during the entire season. Let’s be completely transparent about it: when we first meet him, he doesn’t exactly blow our minds too much. Things change for the better, however, as soon as he puts on the robe and mask of the Kitsune.

The huntress takes the form of a Viking shield maiden, very much like the one that was seen in a recent leak. The fact that it has a strong Viking look right at the beginning of the new season is one of the main reasons why I enjoy this skin so much. It is included as one of the two free skins that are available for you to select from.

Redline is like Burnout but with a focus on female characters. Is purchasing this in addition to the battle pass necessary? Although there isn’t really anything wrong with it, I had hoped that the battle pass would come with a few more baroque skins. There isn’t really anything else wrong with it.

The Sun Strider is a skin that looks like a lifeguard because the environment of the Desert habitat appears to share some characteristics with the environment of California. This one is a lot of fun and is clearly connected to the pickaxe and the glider in some way. It looks like some type of companion item to a shark skin that was found to be missing at the same time as the update was released.

Sledgehammer is a skin that has some similarities to the military skins from the previous season. However, it has an impressive beard that gives it the impression of a modern-day analog to the Viking skins. This skin can be obtained by completing the Sledgehammer challenge. This one looks like it would be a lot of fun to look at, despite the fact that it is difficult to comprehend how any of these fit into a theme that is truly consistent.

Rook: There’s no denying that this location has an X-Files vibe about it, particularly with all of these interdimensional rifts that are sprouting up all over the place. It would appear that Rook is a newly minted FBI agent who has been assigned to the investigation after having been promoted from a research position to investigate this bizarre time travel scenario. Rook was apparently assigned to the investigation after having been promoted from a research position.

Name this new character from season 5

Ragnarok is the ultimate skin that can be unlocked with this Battle Pass; it is located at tier 100 and is without a doubt the most coveted of all of the alternatives that are currently available. Ragnarok has the potential to be improved, but to tell you the truth, he has a wonderful appearance regardless of the tier he is now at. After undergoing this transformation, he goes from looking like a shirtless berserker to resembling a luminous blue demon warlord who is accessorized with skull ornaments. It is without a doubt one of the most stunning skins I have encountered up to this point.

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