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Nevertheless dramacool: The number of viewers who watch Netflix’s original Korean dramas continues to set new milestones, and the streaming service is quickly becoming one of the most popular of its kind. Despite the fact that there are a large number of Korean dramas now available to stream on Netflix in the year 2021, Nevertheless has managed to attract the attention of viewers because of its mature plot and 19+ age classification.

Rising actors Song Kang and Han So-Hee play the major parts of two college students who have contrasting perspectives on love and dating in the romantic drama that spans ten episodes. Song Kang and Han So-Hee are both on the rise.

Nevertheless dramacool

Despite the fact that the show is classified as a romantic comedy, it is, in fact, dramacool. Present the show and its idea as something that they are not. The plot of the show revolves around a group of individuals who are either unemployed or have jobs that pay inadequate wages and are attempting to make ends meet. In spite of this, every one of them is working hard to make their lives and the relationships in their lives better.

Nevertheless dramacool

The show discusses a wide range of significant issues, such as securing one’s financial future, maintaining one’s mental health, and locating one’s position in the wider world.

The Premise:

In spite of the fact that the show has an original premise, reactions to it have been varied. While there are fans who feel the show is too dismal and dark, there are also viewers that enjoy the show’s distinct tone and the way it tells its stories. Despite the fact that everyone has their own perspectives, dramacool is the kind of show that is guaranteed to have a deep and abiding impression on anybody who watches it.

Characters of nevertheless dramacool:

In spite of the fact that it has several problems, dramacool is a revitalizing drama because it gives its characters room to breathe. Since he was a small boy, Yoo Seung Ho plays the role of Kang Ki Tan, a sincere young man who has been toiling away at his job in order to provide for his family. He is honest and upfront, yet he also has a goofy side to his personality.

Cha Ji An, who is portrayed by Park Min Young, is a fearless and self-reliant woman who exerts a lot of effort in order to provide for her younger brother. In the beginning, she is abrasive and closed off, but over the course of time, she warms up to Ki Tan and the two of them form a strong bond.

Ji An and Ki Tan rely on Lee Young Jae, played by Park Bo Gum, for the emotional support they need. Lee Young Jae is a loving and kindhearted man. Nevertheless, dramacool features characters that are both well-developed and likable, which contributes to the overall enjoyment of watching the drama.

Story of nevertheless dramacool:

In spite of the fact that it is shown on a cable network, dramacool has managed to win over fans thanks to the show’s sincere portrayal of the everyday life of a young lady. The leading lady, played by actress Lee Yo-won, is a woman who, despite having to contend with a troubled background, is striving to carve out a successful path for herself in the modern world.

The show has received a lot of attention for its accurate portrayal of the difficulties that young women experience in today’s society, such as balancing their careers and families while also trying to find love. Accolades have been heaped upon the lead actress for the nuanced portrayal she turned in. Despite this, dramacool is presently airing its fourth season and has been consistently successful in drawing large audiences.

Romance :

How can we define love? It’s possible that various people will have different responses to this topic, but one thing is certain: love is an extremely potent emotion. It has the potential to drive people to do crazy things, but it also has the potential to make them extremely happy. Love is the subject of a great number of films, books, and songs, and it is a subject that never appears to become stale.

There are several subcategories under the umbrella term “love,” with “romantic love” being one of the more common subcategories. In movies and television shows, romantic love is frequently portrayed as being flawless and proceeding without a hitch at all times. In point of fact, though, love relationships can be quite challenging. There are typically highs and lows, and a lot of effort is required to make them successful.

In spite of this, dramacool is a brand new South Korean drama that chronicles the narrative of a couple who are involved in a romantic connection. The pair faces their fair share of challenges, but in the end, they make the decision to work hard to preserve their connection.

‘Nevertheless’ is about uncertain love with a mature theme

Yoo Na-Bi, an art student played by Han So-Hee, has lost all faith in romantic relationships after experiencing a devastating breakup. Soon after, she is introduced to the dashing and attractive Park Jae-Eon (Song Kang), who also attends the same institution as her. She cannot help but feel attracted to him. She learns that Jae-Eon has a reputation for having casual relationships with a number of different women without ever committing to one of them seriously.

Because of their flawed conceptions of love, Na-Bi and Jae-Eon find themselves involved in a tentative romance, but neither of them is willing to make a commitment to the other. The addition of a third male character, like in many Korean dramas, will result in the formation of a love triangle, which will cause viewers to disagree on who is most deserving of Na-affections. Bi’s

Fans of Korean dramas were already interested in the show due to the show’s lead actors, but their enthusiasm increased when Netflix revealed that the drama will have a rating of 19+. Die-hard fans of Korean drama are aware that due to cultural and social considerations, many shows limit the amount of time spent on sexual themes or scenarios. The drama does not shy away from including sequences between Na-Bi and Jae-Eon that are appropriate or discuss of a more mature nature in its narrative.

Song Kang was perfectly cast for Park Jae-Eon

During an interview with Tatler, Song Kang discusses his plans for adapting the character he created for a webtoon into a role for the small screen. Song had a strong desire to maintain as many of the characteristics of the original character as she could, particularly those of Jae-demeanor. Eon’s “There are some unpleasantly cold aspects to him that I wanted to make sure we’re properly conveyed onscreen, which is why I chose to lose some weight in order to better show the tiniest changes in expression that Jae Eon makes,” said the actor. “It was important to me that the character was portrayed accurately.”

In both the drama and the webtoon, it is intended for Song’s character to be a skilled sculptor. Song, who had no prior training in the arts, conducted intensive research in order to give the impression of spontaneous flow and effortlessness to the scenes in which his character was sculpted. His efforts were successful, as seen by the fact that fans are enamored with Song’s interpretation of the character, hence lending credence to the notion that he is the “son of Netflix” and “that swoon-worthy webtoon actor.”

Han So-Hee was drawn to play Yu Na-Bi

The role of Yeo Da-Kyung in “The World of the Married” catapulted Han So-Hee to the forefront of international fame almost immediately. Because of its unprecedentedly high ratings, the drama made history for cable television in Korea. The rising star status of Han was a factor in the casting decision for the starring part of Yu Na-Bi in Nevertheless. In an interview with Tatler, Han admits that she felt driven to play Yu Na-Bi, despite the fact that this character is the polar opposite of her role in The World of the Married.

Han said, after reading the webtoon that Nevertheless is based on, “it depicts those delicate situations that everyone’s probably gone through in their lives—when regardless of our feelings or thoughts, we are nonetheless compelled to take contrary action.” Nevertheless is a webcomic that is based on the webcomic “Nevertheless,” which was created by Han. The fact that the plot “depicts emotions that everyone who falls in love goes through” was an additional factor that contributed to her decision to accept the part. Han viewed it as a chance to bring those feelings to life in a way that had not been done before.


In conclusion, despite everything else, dramacool has been a significant force in the Korean entertainment business for more than ten years and is responsible for the creation of several of the most successful K-dramas in history. Because it broadcasts such a diverse array of shows, JTBC is likely to offer something of interest to each and every viewer. Make sure you check out the JTBC website or app to find out what’s been added recently!

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