New $1 million McLaren hypercar washed from Florida garage by Hurricane Ian.


New $1 million McLaren hypercar washed from Florida garage by Hurricane Ian. Here we see a brand new McLaren P1 worth over $1 million being swept down the street in Naples by flood waters as catastrophic Hurricane Ian continues to lash Florida.

Since yesterday evening, the monster storm has been wreaking havoc across the state, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.

The Florida government has warned that hundreds of lives will be lost as many people are still stranded on their flooded roofs. Currently, 2.5 million Floridians are without electricity.

One Florida man by the name of Ernie, who was affected by the storm shared footage of his own heartbreaking loss as his newly purchased McLaren P1 was engulfed in flood waters, swept out of his garage and down the mansion-lined street which now resembles a raging river.

The Instagram posts made by this car enthusiast suggest that he owns several high-end automobiles.

A week ago, Ernie posted that his McLaren P1 had only 300 miles on it, and since then, the car has been the subject of 12 of his posts. Its initial asking price reportedly exceeded $1 million.

Wednesday night, Ernie posted photos of the flooding in his Naples, Florida, neighborhood, a result of the recent hurricane. Both his McLaren P1 and his Rolls Royce were submerged in water after they flooded his garage.

In his most recent post, only the top of the bright yellow McLaren P1 could be seen as it floated down the street. The car that went through the garage was the caption he chose.

His devotees felt his pain and left encouraging comments on his post. Cars can be replaced, as many people pointed out to him, and prayers were sent for the safety of all involved.

“Stay safe, cars are replaceable,” said one user.

Someone else remarked, “I pray that everyone is safe.”

A third person chimed in, “I’m so sorry, that’s heartbreaking.”

Another user expressed their regret by posting, “I’m so sorry… most important that you and your family are safe. Praying for you.

Ernie posted other photos and videos to his Instagram stories that showed the devastation to his neighborhood.

Ernie had previously shared a photo of the vehicle on his social media with the caption “My hurricane supply car #p1.”

Later, snarky comments began appearing on his previous posts, particularly one about storm preparations.

He uploaded a picture of his McLaren P1 with the doors open, revealing a couple of grocery bags inside, hours before the hurricane hit. The current caption reads: ‘My hurricane supply car,’ but has been edited, it showed.

One user commented: ‘This didn’t age well…’

Someone else remarked, “The hurricane has claimed this vehicle.”

Three others chimed in, “The final countdown to catastrophe.”