The best NEW Android apps from September 2022


Every day, app developers try new things to make our smartphone and tablet experiences better and more enjoyable. In fact, there are so many new Android apps coming out every day that it’s hard to keep track of them all, especially since Google doesn’t offer any ways to find new apps.

It’s hard to beat the best, but if you’re tired of what you have and want to try something new, check out the best new Android apps from the last month. Here, you can see our picks for the best new Android apps that came out in all of 2021.

The best NEW Android apps from September 2022

The best NEW Android apps from September 2022


Even though its name sounds like it, Backdrop is not a wallpaper app. Instead, it is a platform for finding places. It is meant to help you learn more about where you are. You can check out places near you and read reviews that other app users have written. Most new Android apps like this one are geared toward businesses and similar things. This one is more about pretty things like interesting houses, colorful places, and more. It’s more for people who like to go out a lot, but it worked well in our tests.

Center Stage

The Center Stage app lets you trade cards. It lets you look at the value of a trading card by pointing your camera at it. The people who made this app say it’s for collectors who want to trade items or just find out how much they’re worth. Center Stage cards can be used right away for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. The developers say that support for Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon is also in the works. It’s easy to use, it does what it says it will do, and it works, even though it’s a niche product.


DanceFitme is a fitness new Android apps that help you lose weight by making use of the power of dance. There are many different kinds of workouts on the app, such as aerobics, cardio, salsa, and more. There are also dances for K-pop, hip-hop, and other types of music. It starts with easy steps, so you can jump in even if you have never danced before. There is a subscription service, but there is also a free trial, so you can try it out before you buy it. It’s not like most fitness apps. Still, dancing is more fun than jumping jacks, so it might work for some people.


DynamicSpot is an app for Android that acts like the new iPhone’s Dynamic Island. We think that there will be a lot more of these apps coming out soon, but this one works pretty well. It can be changed to show different things, like your notifications, the controls for your music player, timers, and even small things like the percentage of your battery or some navigation information. Again, we think there will be a lot of these, and we’re glad that at least one of the first waves works well.

FM Radio by OneStop Radio

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FM Radio is a bit of a throwback to the past. It’s one of those apps that let you listen to live radio. You can stream radio stations from all over the world, including talk radio, rock, country, rap, and other stations. It has more than 65,000 stations on it. Since you are streaming these stations live, there is no way to listen to them when you are not online. It does what it’s supposed to do well, and it’s a simple way to listen to the radio when you’re not near one.

MJ PDF Reader

The MJ PDF Reader is a free, small PDF reader. It has a simple user interface, a dark mode, a full-screen mode, and other features. It has some features that can help you work and help you read. For example, there is a way to print a PDF file, but it also remembers which page you were on in case you want to use it to read a book or comic. It’s free and anyone can use it. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants something easy.

Otternal Life

The Otternal Life app keeps track of your habits. It helps you form new habits by reminding you every day to do whatever it is you want to do. It has a progress tracker and a journal where you can write down how you feel about everything. It also works when you are not online. A streak system is used to make your new habits or give up bad habits more like a game. Those are the most important things. The way it was described worked when we tried it. The user interface has soft colors and is easy to use in general.


The best NEW Android apps from September 2022

Qewd is an app that brings together different streaming services. With this app, you can sign in to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and other sites. You can search for titles, add shows to your list of things to watch, and do other things with all of the streaming services from there. It’s not very well put together. Overall, the app is a bit clunky, and some people have had trouble signing in. At least some work seems to be going on with the developers. We really like the idea behind this app, and we hope the people who made it keep making it better.


Skilldock is an app that can be used to learn. It lets you make your own course about any subject you want to teach someone else. You set up classes that are like those on popular websites like Coursera, Udemy, and others. So you can teach your course, you basically make presentations with different chapters. You can make presentations, change them, and share them in other ways. They also work when you’re not online if you need that. At the moment, it’s free. We know this is also a niche app, but welcome to new Android apps in the year 2022!

Sleep Reset

Sleep Reset is a sleep tracker that wants to help people get better sleep. It uses a variety of tips, tricks, and methods that it says came from sleep clinics and doctors. There is also a progress tracker that lets you know when you are, well, making progress on new Android apps. It says that it has a high chance of working and that its users get an extra 88 minutes of sleep on average every month. Sleep is weird, so we understand if you want to keep using your own sleep tracker, but at least you have a choice.


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