New PlayStation 5 Technology Test Puts Forspoken Through Its Paces


New PlayStation 5 Technology Test Puts Forspoken Through Its Paces. Unfortunately, Forspoken needs to be more precisely making headlines for the reasons it should be, even though it is currently the topic de jure in core gaming circles.

The completion of our review has been put on hold because Square Enix has been slow to provide us with the game’s code, but in the interim, we have a piece that offers our initial thoughts on the game that you may read. But from a purely technological standpoint, how does the actual gameplay stack up? As is their custom, the experts at Digital Foundry have explained for those of us who are more mechanically minded than they are.

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To start, the positive. The loading times in Forspoken are rapid, and the game may be created from the title screen in around four seconds or less than a second if you continue an existing save. When you consider all of these factors in conjunction with the quick and smooth character and gameplay animations, awe-inspiring particle effects, detailed character models, and insane hair physics, it becomes abundantly clear that the Luminous Engine still possesses a significant amount of untapped potential.

On the other hand, the lighting takes a significant step backward, even when compared to the developer Luminous Productions’ most recent effort, Final Fantasy XV, released in 2016. Framerate also leaves a lot to be desired, maintaining 60fps in Performance Mode for the most part but oddly dropping well below 50 in unique places of the open world, in addition to resolution scaling as low as 720p. This is even though resolution scaling can go as high as 1440p. Quality Mode cannot keep a continuous frame rate of 30 frames per second, and while it does seem nice, it can drop down to 20 frames per second at times. DF describes this situation as being “just ludicrous.”

If you are interested in the more technical side of things, it is highly recommended that you watch the entire video. Still, if you were already leaning towards passing on this one, it is unlikely that watching the movie will change your mind and encourage you to purchase it.