Nicole TV Net Worth, Early Life, Career, & Perosnal Life


Nicole TV Net Worth: Kayla Nicole Jones is a popular YouTuber from the United States. She is most known for her channel, which is titled Nicole TV, and has more than 5 million subscribers. Her comedic skits and vlogs have helped to propel the track to unprecedented levels of success.

As of 2022, it is anticipated that Nicole TV Net Worth will be close to $1.2 million.

Full Name Kayla Nicole Jones
Birth Date May 26, 2001,
Birth Place Montgomery, Alabama
Profession Youtuber
Relationship Status Engaged
Net Worth $1.2 million

Early Life

On the 26th of May, 2001 found Kayla Nicole was brought into the world in Montgomery, Alabama. Because Nicole has chosen to keep many aspects of her life private, very little is known about her childhood circumstances.

Nicole TV Net Worth: How Rich is Kayla Nicole's YouTube Channel?

Nicole TV Net Worth and Career

Nicole established her YouTube page in 2014 but didn’t upload her first video until the following year; the video’s title was “When someone has an ugly baby.” She was gaining some traction with her videos, albeit not significantly. But one day, Nicole had the epiphany that other people on YouTube who were only a fraction as brilliant as she was were crushing it. She concluded that all it took was a little bit more effort.

And she achieved precisely that with her steady stream of videos uploading, which featured a variety of comedy sketches, tutorials, and vlogs over time. Because of this, her channel began to receive a significant number of views. One of her earlier films, a tutorial on how to do a ponytail, has racked up more than 19 million views since it was posted online.

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Additionally, Nicole can attribute her internet popularity to the effort she put into her Instagram account. This is because she was producing a large number of memes on that platform. And because her innovation was something that most people felt was highly important to their lives, many of the memes she developed started to be imitated by others over time.

She is also a talented rapper, and she has several tracks that have been released. Over two million people have listened to her song “Decisions,” one of her most popular songs. In addition, she has continued her career and has released songs such as “Edible” and “Move like a Snake.”

Nicole doesn’t participate in many collaborations because she believes that the content that other content creators produce isn’t authentic, which is one of the reasons she became who she is today, thanks to the authenticity of the content she creates.

Personal Life

Nicole is engaged to be married to Kye, the man she has been dating since 2020. When Nicole announced she was seven months pregnant, she surprised many of her supporters. Because of this, they could have a boy, and they decided to call him Messiah Kaylon Ni’Colby. Her postings on YouTube provided thorough documentation of the path leading to the Messiah’s birth. Twelve million people have watched one of the videos in which she gives birth.

Nicole TV Net Worth

As of 2022, it is estimated that Nicole TV Net Worth of $1.2 million. She has amassed a massive following on the internet because of the success of her videos, which have racked up more than 300 million views on YouTube.

Nicole TV Net Worth: How Rich is Kayla Nicole's YouTube Channel?

Because of this, she appears in several videos endorsing different brands and participating in affiliate marketing programs. In addition, she has over 6.9 million followers on Instagram, where she can be seen supporting various products in the content she shares and the stories she creates.


When it comes to money, how much is Kayla Nicole Jones worth?

It Costs a Million Dollars

Kayla Nicole Jones, better known by her stage name Nicole TV, is a famous American YouTuber, singer, and social media influencer. As of 2022, Nicole TV has amassed a fortune of USD 1,000,000. She shares helpful beauty guides, rap songs, and entertaining videos on her YouTube channel that will make anyone smile.

Can we assume that Kayla Nicole is married?

In December 2020, Kayla Nicole wed Kyekye, also known as Luhkye, her childhood sweetheart. They have a son together who is a year old. Dyme Kevo, the wife of the bandleader, has given the couple their offspring.

What man is carrying Kayla Nicole Jones’ child?

You’re looking at Luhkye, the fiance of 19-year-old YouTube sensation Kayla Nicole Jones and the father of her unborn child. There are now three of us! Nicole Tv, aka YouTube celebrity and meme queen Kayla Nicole Jones, recently announced her engagement to rapper Luhkye and her subsequent pregnancy.

Which country does Kayla Nicole belong to?

Kayla is a person of mixed racial heritage, having roots in both East Asia and the West Indies. It has been reported that her parents divorced shortly after her birth. Their father, Roosevelt, eventually wed a woman named Cathie Jones Bellard.