One Piece Chapter 1107 Spoilers


Chapter 1107: I was looking for you

The cover request, we can see Law and Bepo

Kashii and Oimo is with the Giants pirates (The ones we saw before in Enies Lobby)

Usopp saw the Giant Pirates and was surprised that they came

Jinbei is still on his way to stop the fight between Zoro and Lucci

Zoro is still fighting Lucci, appears in one page clashing and talking.

Luffy asks Bonney why she is crying and she says to Luffy that she was looking for him (Nika) for a long time (same as the title) and Luffy replies “why? I was near you all the time lmao”

Luffy says that he saw Bonney’s attack, it was weak and then he told her that he will show her what the real attack looks like. And so BOOM, Luffy punches Saturn a lot of times in the face using a new move called ‘Dawn Gatling’

Then Kizaru comes and wants to Kill Bonney and Vegapunk, then Sanji blocks his attack. Franky and Kizaru are shocked that he blocked a laser attack, but then Sanji says Love is stronger than light (or something like that)

Saturn was thrown away by Luffy’s punch and where Saturn landed, he saw Blackbeard Pirates (Catarina Devon and Van Augur) and they talk to each other about Teach and his goal and his special lineage which Saturn knew about already

Saturn wanted to attack them but Van Augur used his fruit to move them away and want to go back and said their mission is complete

At the final page, Caribou comes asking them to take him with them cause he admires Blackbeard and his dream is to be in his crew and want to meet him in person

No Break Next Week

Confirmed by Redon: Catarina Devon touched Saturn before saying the mission was complete (Now she can copy his appearance using her devil fruit)