Paul Mescal angers viewers by declining to wear a poppy on the Graham Norton show.


Paul Mescal angers viewers by declining to wear a poppy on the Graham Norton show. Because he was the only person on the couch without a poppy in honor of Remembrance Day, Paul Mescal stood out as a guest on The Graham Norton Show this week.

The Black Panther actors Michaela Coel and Winston Duke, My Policeman’s Emma Corrin, comedian Richard Ayoade, and singer Loyle Carner were all seated with the actor this week when he spoke with Graham about his new movie Aftersun. They were all wearing poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day.

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Many viewers on Friday night were perplexed by Paul’s reasoning for getting rid of the poppy, despite the fact that to some it may seem obvious. They criticized the Normal People star on Twitter.

One outraged viewer exclaimed, “Why is Paul Mescal not wearing a Poppy on The Graham Norton Show???” A second tweet asked the actor directly: “@mescal paul where’s your poppy?!”

A third questioned why Paul Mescal did not wear a poppy. Don’t worry if you haven’t figured it out by now. Many Irish people were present to assist the more anxious viewers in figuring it out.

One Twitter user argued, “He is Irish… we don’t wear them or celebrate British atrocities on our island.”

one more said: “We don’t really like the old poppy over here; it’s just not our thing. We were somewhat turned off by British soldiers killing people in Ireland, but hey, to each their own.”

Yes, you may have noticed that Irish celebrities tend to forego wearing poppies when they appear on British television during this time of year.

Because British soldiers, who don’t exactly have the best reputation in Ireland, are honored each year with the Poppy Appeal, this is the case.

It’s still a pretty risky move for Irish republicans to honor the nearly 50,000 Irish men who lost their lives in the British forces during World War One by wearing the British poppy.

Because of this, Irish viewers were overjoyed to see that good old Paul had chosen not to wear the poppy on television, despite the fact that many people were criticizing him for forgetting his poppy.

One Irish fan exclaimed, “Love that Paul Mescal isn’t wearing a poppy on #TheGNShow.” Another user tweeted, “#GrahamNorton yes Paul mescal no poppy lad.” Ireland’s history with the British is lengthy and intricate overall.

As an Irishman, my only piece of advice is to just stay quiet about this issue if you haven’t done your research. The Graham Norton Show will be broadcast on BBC One on Friday at 10.40 p.m.