Pay with Crypto YES WORLD Company Hits 2 Million Transactions, Doubled in 2 Months


YES WORLD Hits 2 Million Transactions, Doubled in 2 Months.

YES WORLD Climate Tech Pte Ltd, a blockchain-based company specializing in climate technology, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching 2 million transactions for the YES WORLD Token (Symbol: $YES), the native crypto token of its ecosystem.

Launched in the spring of 2022, the fact that its explorer, BSCScan, has counted 2 million transactions suggests that YES, WORLD Token is enjoying tremendous adoption among crypto enthusiasts. YES, WORLD is a prominent utility token with token usefulness available across numerous different verticals, including Gaming, Travel, NFT Marketplace, Health & Fitness, Financial Services, and widespread adoption among e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers.

In the past month, YES WORLD has introduced a global platform for utility services accessible in over 80 countries. The dramatic increase in transactions demonstrates that customers are ecstatic about the availability of the option to utilize YES TOKEN for their everyday purchases while also holding the token for potential future gains. According to the data provided by CoinMarketCap, early adopters of YES WORLD still holding the cryptocurrency token in their portfolios have already achieved improvements in the triple digits.

YES WORLD Token provides access to a wide range of utility services through digital portals and traditional businesses. Users can pay using YES WORLD Token while physically in a store by scanning the bar code shown at the checkout. The integration effort is in progress. In addition, customers will soon be able to use $YES as a payment method.

YES WORLD Token now trades on several of the most prominent centralized exchanges, including and Coinsbiand, sold on a decentralized exchange known as PancakeSwap. Before its launch on a worldwide scale, YES WORLD aims to establish itself as a top utility token by the time the global launch event takes place in April 2024.

YES WORLD Climate Tech Pte Ltd, which has its headquarters in Singapore, is in charge of running the YES WORLD Token platform. It is a blockchain-based climate tech firm focusing on developing environmentally friendly solutions to lower carbon footprints. $YES is the native token for the Save Earth mission and utility ecosystem designed by YES WORLD. It conceives of raising awareness about the issues posed by global warming to get a critical mass of people to join the mission and make efforts to prevent carbon footprints from entering the atmosphere.

This past week, YES WORLD introduced a new physical product line consisting of specialized glass for windows and facades. The company’s specialty glass solution, which they term Energy Efficient Window Solution, contains a coating of a patented substance that stops 92% of UV rays from entering the structure and reflects 85% of the solar radiant heat that would otherwise enter the building. The energy-efficient glass is a window solution that allows light to pass through but prevents most solar heat from entering the structure. This results in a significant reduction in the energy consumption related to the load placed on the HVAC system.

Dr. Sandeep Choudary, an activist for Save Earth who has been working nonstop to raise awareness of the effects of climate change and global warming, is the brains behind the concept and the driving force behind the promotion of YES WORLD. As a result of Dr. Choudhary’s foresight and leadership, YES WORLD has taken the initiative to promote the worthy cause of lowering carbon footprints and bringing attention to the problem of climate change and global warming.