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Peacock how to continue watching

Peacock TV will track how far you’ve progressed through a movie or television show, allowing you to resume watching from the point you last stopped. This function, known as “Continue Watching,” eliminates the need to scroll through the available content to locate the most recent scene you viewed. 

Even though it is a valuable option, most of the time, there are situations in which you might wish to eliminate some items from the list. For instance, if you’ve decided to quit watching a particular television show or movie because you don’t enjoy it. On Peacock, there is, sadly, just one option to delete an episode or movie from your “Recently Watched” list on any device. This applies to both TV shows and movies.

Several websites indicate that you can click the vertical ellipsis when you highlight a “Continue Watching” entry. However, this feature is no longer available.

The reason for this is that Peacock does not provide a choice to turn “Continue Watching” on or off, and in addition to this, they challenge you to find a film or television show that is superior to the one that they have selected as the “Up Next” option.

The following is the only acceptable method for removing items from your “Continue Watching list.”

How to continue watching  Peacock TV

You will first need to highlight the continue watching tracker you want to delete before you can delete it for some items. Afterward, go to the settings menu for your Peacock app and select “Remove from my list.”

The other technique to get rid of it is to fast-forward through the media until you get to the very end of it.

Peacock TV is available for download via the official website, the Play Store, and the Apple Store. If you want more knowledge, why don’t you check out places like Wikipedia, Twitter, and YouTube?  if you want to get more information about How To Remove Shows From Continue Watching On Peacock you must click on this click.

Can Peacock Remove “Continue Watching”?

Regarding streaming platforms, users are spoiled for choice because so many incredible options are available. Peacock is one of the platforms that is now gaining popularity.

Because so many people utilize streaming platforms, many of their features and services have become more or less standard across the board. One of these features is a queue that allows users to “resume watching.” Users can continue viewing their movie or series from where they stopped and watch new episodes of the series as they are released. This queue also allows users to watch new series episodes as they are released.

People may not always be interested in picking up where they left off watching, although this service is ideal for keeping track of what users are watching. Because there are so many movies and shows to pick from, a lot of consumers will experiment with new content. And even though this could lead to you discovering a new play that you will want to watch in its entirety, it’s possible that not every series you sample will be to your liking.

You may be looking for a means to remove shows from your ‘continue watching’ list because you either want to clear your queue or you’ve decided to stop viewing a movie or series entirely. Peacock’s service does not have this function, which is unfortunate because it is a standard one on other streaming platforms but not on Peacock’s.

How to erase the Peacock app’s Continue Watching list?

If you have already purchased Peacock and it is on your Continue Watching list, you can quickly remove it from your library. To accomplish this, go as follows:

  • Launch the Peacock app on your mobile device and ensure you are logged into your account if prompted.
  • After that, navigate to the option labeled “My movies.”
  • Then, by tapping the menu icon located above the video, highlight the content you do not wish to keep.
  • Finally, select “Remove” or “Forget” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • You can see that clearing out this list on the Peacock app is not a difficult task at all.

How to clear Peacock’s Continue Watching list on Smart TVs.

If you wish to remove the Continue Watching list that is displayed on Peacock when you use your Smart TV, perform these steps:

  • Start the Peacock app on your Smart TV after turning it on.
  • After that, navigate to the area labeled “My Movies.”
  • After that, select the Continue Watching option for the movie or series you previously watched.
  • Finally, you must pick “Remove from my list” after pressing the options icon (*).

You can delete the Continue Watching list on the Peacock app on your Smart TV by following these straightforward instructions.

How to remove the Continue Watching list from Peacock?

On the Peacock website, if you want to erase the Continue Watching list, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Launch a web browser on your desktop computer or portable computing device, and navigate to the Peacock website.
  • After then, if it’s necessary, sign in to your Peacock account.
  • After that, select the option labeled “My movies.”
  • To view the queue, you must click the option “Continue Watching.”
  • In the final step, you must locate the movie or series whose watch history you wish to remove and then select the “Remove from my list” option.

You should be aware that removing the Continue Watching list from the Peacock website will also remove the list from your Peacock account on all other platforms if you delete the list from the Peacock website. if Peacock TV is your reason you gave for canceling your subscription, you might get one. if you want to get more information about How To Watch Peacock Tv On DirecTV you must click on this click.

What subscription plans does Peacock offer?

There are just three different subscription types available for Peacock.

There is no charge for the first one. Peacock stands out from other streaming services because it does not charge users to access the content that is available on its platform. You should be aware, however, that there is a finite amount of stuff here. In addition, advertisements will be displayed while you use the free version.

Peacock Premium is the name of the second plan available. It has already been paid for, and the monthly fee is $4.99. You will be able to watch every single thing the streaming service offers if you have it. You will, however, continue to be exposed to advertisements, and you won’t be able to download and view movies and series offline. In addition, Peacock is compatible with the LG Smart TV and may be installed on it.

Peacock Plus is the name of the third and most likely the most popular subscription plan available. You can enjoy the streaming service without being interrupted by advertisements for a $9.99 monthly fee. You have access to the complete collection of films and television shows. In addition, you will have access to a plethora of unique sporting events and competitions, such as the Premier League, WWE, Sunday Night Football, and MLB Sunday Leadoff. You also have the option to download material. That way, you’ll be able to view it whenever and wherever you like.

Which devices can use Peacock?

The good news is that Peacock is available on almost all popular devices. Your preferred material is known to be viewed in any browser, regardless of whether you use Windows or Mac. if you are interested in uses of Teletext in Sweden and interested to get information about The Use of Teletext in Sweden: An Outlier Hanging Onto an Old Technology then you must login to this website.

On the other hand, if you are not at your usual location, you can use the Peacock app that is available for mobile devices. In addition to Android TVs and most Roku devices, Peacock is supported by LG Smart TVs, Vizio SmartCast, and Vizio Smart TVs.

On the other hand, there is a more unpleasant aspect to it. Peacock is not a feature that can now be accessed on Samsung Smart TVs. In addition, Peacock does not get along well with streaming media devices powered by Amazon Fire TV.

When it comes to profiles, this seems like a somewhat peculiar practise. Peacock operates under the presumption that a user can only have a single profile, but NBC has indicated that it is working on enabling users to have many shapes. In general, many on-demand shows, such as those found on Netflix or HBO max, provides you with up to 5 different forms.

Peacock allows users to create unique profiles for themselves. You will then be able to have a viewing structure that is unique to you, as well as specifically recommended videos, as well as personalization, and so on.

iPhone/iOS: Remove Peacock Shows and Movies from Continue Watching

Peacock material is enjoyed by many people while being seen on iPhones. Even if the screen is smaller, the convenience of watching all your favorite movies and television shows wherever you go is difficult to surpass. On the other hand, the “skip-to-the-end” game might be challenging to play, particularly on iPhones with smaller screens. iPads can also be processed in this manner. Here is what you should do to remove a title from the Continue Watching section if it is something you want to do.

  • Launch the “Peacock” app on your iPhone or any device that uses the iOS operating system.
  • If the “Featured” option is not already chosen, tap it now. This category is the ONLY one with a “Continue Watching” section, and it is the one you are currently looking at.
  • You can remove a title by going to the “Continue Watching” area and pressing the title you don’t want.
  • To pause the song, tap “Play” and “Pause.”
  • You should skip ahead to the final minute of the movie and then let it finish playing. However, you should NOT allow it to begin the film listed as “Up Next,” Otherwise, the previous movie will be saved under “Continue Watching.”
  • Select the “TV show” from the “Continue Watching” list, then tap on the “More Episodes” link, and finally select the “most recent episode of the latest season.” This process may be used for TV Shows and other content broken up into episodes.
  • “Fast-forward” to the last minute or two of the episode and let it play all the way through to the conclusion, but DO NOT let Peacock launch the show or series that is shown as “Up Next,” or otherwise the current episode will be saved in the “Continue Watching” folder.

Peacock will remove the movie or television show from the Continue Watching queue as soon as it has completed playing.

Remove Peacock Shows and Movies from Android. Continue Watching.

Watching content provided by Peacock on Android devices is something that a lot of people like doing. Follow these steps if you want to remove certain content from the Continue Watching area, and you are one of those users:

  1. Begin using the Peacock application on your Android device.
  2. Proceed to the section labeled “Featured.”
  3. Find the “TV show” or “movie” you do not wish to continue watching in the area labelled Continue Watching. If it’s a television show, you should choose the last episode of the latest or most recent season.
  4. Bring the progress bar closer to the finish line, and play the final minute or two of the audio.


For the most part, Peacock’s Continue Watching feature lets you pause TV programs and movies and resume watching from where you left off whenever you like. It can be frustrating if you no longer want to watch a show or movie that keeps popping up in your Continue Watching queue. If you don’t like the film or TV show Peacock chooses for you when it starts the “Up Next” feature, you’ll have to sit through it in Continue Playing unless you play the “fast-forward” game.

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Peacock used to let you delete your account, but they no longer do so. Don’t waste time looking for an alternative answer on other websites; you won’t find one. Please let us know if you find any inaccuracies, and we’ll correct them. Weirdnewserathat you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment.


Can you remove peacock watching?

To remove the option to “continue watching” on Peacock, use the “x” key.

How do you delete shows from continuing to watch?

It is possible to remove a program from the list of those currently being watched by using the “Delete Show” button on the TV remote.

Does Peacock have a continuous play?

Continuous play is unavailable in Peacock. They start and finish playing at different times.

How can you remove recently watched on demand?

Select the “Revert to last watching” option in the “My Library” menu to remove recently viewed on-demand content.

How can you delete the Netflix series?

If you want to end a series on Netflix, you may either click the “End Series” option or put in the ending code provided.

Where are Peacock’s settings?

Peacock’s system, network, and security settings can all be adjusted from a single, unified menu.

What happened to Peacock’s Watchlist?

The Watchlist is posted on the Peacock website.

How do you reboot Peacock?

To restart a Peacock series, you must first delete the old software and then install the new software.