Peaky Blinders Ride On: The Gang’s Back for a Netflix Movie!


Calling all Shelby fanatics! Get ready to dust off your flat caps and sharpen your razors, because the Peaky Blinders are back in business! Netflix has officially greenlit a feature film continuation of the critically acclaimed gangster series, marking the triumphant return of Cillian Murphy as the enigmatic Tommy Shelby.

This thrilling news promises a fresh chapter in the Shelby saga, reuniting audiences with the notorious Birmingham gang and their ruthless leader. Murphy’s portrayal of Tommy Shelby – a cunning businessman and ruthless gangster – was a cornerstone of the series’ success, and his return ensures fans will be treated to another captivating performance.

But the Shelby family isn’t riding solo into this cinematic adventure. The film reunites much of the original creative team, including producers Caryn Mandabach and Guy Heeley. This familiar crew guarantees the film will stay true to the show’s DNA – the gritty, stylish visuals, and the gripping storytelling that captivated audiences worldwide.

Production is set to begin later this year, with Steven Knight returning as the show’s creator and writer, and Tom Harper back in the director’s chair. This reunion of talent practically guarantees the film will be a worthy successor to the series.

The Peaky Blinders movie isn’t just a victory lap for fans – it cements the show’s status as a global phenomenon. The series captivated audiences worldwide, and the film extends its legacy far beyond the six seasons that enthralled us all.

So, prepare to dive back into the world of razor blades sewn into caps, post-war intrigue, and the Shelby family’s relentless pursuit of power. The Peaky Blinders movie promises to be an explosive return to form, leaving fans breathless and eager to see what Tommy Shelby has in store next.