What to do if your phone battery swollen


Chemical processes continue to phone battery swollen underpin the operation of smartphones, despite their ever-improving technological capabilities. Because of this, these devices are susceptible to a variety of problems, one of which is the enlargement of the battery.

Although it is not something that most people worry about, the subject does come up every once in a while. In the past, this issue has affected a variety of devices, including those made by Apple, Samsung, and even Google.

A phone battery swollen in a mobile device is not just an irritation but also poses a potential health risk. Because of this, we are going to demonstrate how to deal with a bloated phone battery in today’s lesson.

What to do if your phone battery swollen

What causes a phone battery swollen?

The swelling of a lithium-ion battery can be caused by a number of different factors. However, there is typically just one underlying factor that contributes to this happening. In most cases, the expansion of batteries can be attributed to the accumulation of gas within them, which results in the formation of pressure.

Keeping this in mind, we need to think about the more prevalent reasons why a phone battery swollen might store gas in the first place. There is always the possibility of manufacturing faults. During the process of charging a battery, gas may slowly build up if the battery wasn’t manufactured appropriately by the company that made it. This basically indicates that even charging your phone an adequate number of times could be a problem, especially when taking into account the fact that charging your phone also generates heat.

The process is typically sped up by heat as well, which is why you should probably make sure not to leave a phone in the sun for an extended period of time or next to very hot materials.

In addition to this, one of the most prevalent reasons for a phone battery swollen is when the battery has been physically damaged. Have you ever dropped your phone? Perhaps you pierced the battery in a moment of carelessness. It’s possible that this is why your battery is getting bigger. Not to add that batteries also lose their capacity over time. Changes can occur in chemical reactions, and portions might become less stable.

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By the way, anything like this shouldn’t happen very frequently. The majority of batteries should remain functional for the few or few years that the majority of users keep a gadget unless there is a significant manufacturing flaw.

How to know if your phone battery swollen

In today’s world, it is much more difficult to determine whether or not the capacity of your battery has increased because handsets with detachable batteries are becoming an increasingly rare commodity. We hardly ever come into contact with our batteries anymore. Because of this, it is now more difficult to recognize a bloated or broken battery.

Examining the product is the quickest and most reliable approach to determine whether or not a battery has expanded (or battery, if you can). Are there any humps to be found? When you lay it down on a level surface, you could notice that it has an odd wobble. Check the phone for any twisted forms or indications that it is trying to disassemble itself. The bulging shape of the battery exerts pressure against the backplates of smartphones, which causes the backplates to begin to detach.

The odor may also be an indication of a swollen battery, which is a condition that is even more dangerous. Although we wouldn’t recommend making it a point to intentionally seek out the smell of chemicals, it’s possible that you’ve already picked up on it by accident. Does your phone smell odd? Why phone battery swollen? People often describe the smell of a faulty battery as having a metallic quality, and occasionally even a sweet aroma.

What to do if your phone battery swollen

You’ve discovered an unusual behavior in the battery of your smartphone, huh? Is it still possible to use a phone battery that has swollen? In no uncertain terms! A lithium-ion battery that has become bloated poses a significant risk. Because of the pressure, gases may be released, and the battery may even catch fire or explode, particularly if it has been punctured.

Your first order of business should be to immediately power down the device and ensure that it remains in the off position. You shouldn’t plug it in and you shouldn’t mess with it either. Put it away in a secure location and remember to keep it there, preferably far from anything that could catch fire.

It is recommended that you take out the battery if the phone battery swollen it is at all possible and risk-free to do so. Just make sure not to mess with it too much while you’re working on it, and try your best not to breathe in any of the fumes that it might produce. Instead of trying to fix the issue yourself, we strongly suggest taking the device to a qualified technician.

Technicians will have the expertise as well as the tools required to make this process simple. They are also able to locate an appropriate replacement for you. However, you will need to make some replacement purchases and this will most likely result in additional costs.

If your phone is still covered by its manufacturer’s warranty or insurance, your best bet is to contact the carrier, retailer, or company that handles the coverage for the warranty or insurance.

How to dispose of a phone battery swollen

If you remove the battery yourself, make sure that you dispose of it in a secure manner. You shouldn’t just throw it away like it’s nothing. A phone battery swollen poses a risk of fire, which is something that no one wants in their homes.

What to do if your phone battery swollen

You should bring your smartphone’s battery to a recycling center or an authorized battery collection center as soon as it is safe to do so. You can locate the one that is closest to you by visiting call2recycle.org. You are able to ship them, but doing so is not something that either of us would recommend. The act of shipping typically involves a great deal of movement, banging around, and packages being in close proximity to a variety of combustible materials.


Are batteries that have swollen safe to use?

Swollen batteries are very unsafe to keep using. These can give off harmful fumes, catch fire, or even blow up.

Should I just throw away my batteries that have gotten bigger?

When batteries get too big, they can catch fire. They should be taken to a recycling center or a place where batteries are collected because throwing them away is dangerous.

How can you tell if a battery is swollen the easiest way?

The best way to tell if a battery has gotten bigger is to look for signs of it. Check to see if any part of the phone is changing shape or coming apart. Check for any bumps or buttons that are harder to press.

What is the life span of a battery?

Batteries should last about two to three years before they stop working well.