Discovering Pin size of laptop charger with Ease: Unlocking the Mystery


How to know the pin size of laptop charger?

Power adapter pin size of laptop charger is determined by two parameters. Outer and inner diameters. A precision scale can determine the size of these pins, but you may not know which one you need. Read on for advice on choosing. Adapters should be distinguishable.

Pin size is the connector’s inner and outer diameters. Inner diameter 2.5mm, exterior diameter 5.5mm. Measure the center pin and port inner diameter to determine connector size. Compare sizes to decide which adapter to buy. Universal adapters have the proper polarity and voltage for laptops.

Make sure the power adapter’s pin size of laptop charger matches your computer’s. Check the center contact. Coaxial power connections come in many sizes. Buy a device-specific power adaptor for compatibility. You’ll appreciate it! If you’re unsure, don’t use a higher-voltage laptop adapter.

Know your power adapter’s voltage. 100-240V power adapters are standard. Before buying a power adaptor, check the voltage. Same output voltage plug required. Your laptop should also match the pin size. Use a suitable power adaptor.

Adapters vary by voltage. It needs polarized pins. Use a dual-voltage power adaptor. Power adapters should match laptop input and output voltage. However, a higher voltage adaptor should contain an additional port.

A power adapter’s pin size determines its voltage and current. A 4-pin DIN power jack accepts four pins. A 2.5-mm-pin connector cannot accommodate three-pin electrical equipment. Thus, a power adaptor must match the device’s voltage.

Compare voltages using watts. Power adapters often produce two volts. Adapter voltage is DC output. Current is DC output. DC output powers laptops. DC jacks require wattage checks. Get a larger power adaptor with four volts.

A power adapter’s pin size determines compatibility. If the adapter is too small, the device may fail. Check the adaptor connector size before buying. It won’t function if it’s different.

The connector’s outside diameter determines a power adaptor’s pin size. Inner diameter is OD. Technically, you may measure the pin size by measuring the port’s inner diameter. Check the plug’s output voltage and polarity.

How to Know the pin size of laptop charger ?

A laptop charger’s pins’ outer and inner diameters influence its size.

The outer diameter is the pin’s widest point, while the inner diameter is its narrowest. This information makes finding a laptop charger easy.

Laptop charger pin size is significant when buying. Large pins harm laptop ports, whereas small pins may not charge enough.

The amperage rating of a laptop charger indicates its pin size. Charger pins grow with amperage. Make sure the laptop charger you buy fits your laptop. Amps measure laptop chargers.

Most laptops need 3–4 amp chargers. Some exceptions exist. HP Spectre laptops need 5 amp chargers. The laptop’s user manual or manufacturer can tell you the charger’s size.

How do I measure pin size of laptop charger ?

Let’s look at the laptop charger pin size methods:

1) Caliper or Ruler

For connector compatibility, measure your laptop charger’s pin size. Measurement requires a ruler or vernier caliper.

Find the charging pin. The charging cable ends with it. Measure the pin diameter with a ruler or caliper. Note this measurement for future reference.

Measure the pin length. This measurement determines pin depth. Measure the pin length with a ruler or caliper. Note this measurement for future reference.

2) Check the charger label.

The pin size is usually on the charger label. The charger’s model, voltage, and amperage are usually listed. Find a compatible charger using this information.

3) Follow your laptop’s instructions.

If you can’t find your previous charger, check your laptop’s manual for the pin size. Charger specs are in the instructions.

4) Visit the laptop maker’s website.

Online manuals are generally available. Charger specifications are on the manufacturer’s website. If you have an HP laptop, you can input your serial number on the HP official website to verify the characteristics of your laptop charger.

Any laptop brand follows this method. You can shop for a charger after knowing its specs.

5) Contact the laptop maker.

If you can’t locate the specs online, call the manufacturer to find the finest laptop charger. HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, etc.

6) Shop for laptops.

If you use a popular laptop brand, you can visit a laptop store to discover the finest charger.

How do I know what kind of MM my laptop charger is?

Check the charging plug. Plugs have letters and digits. Charger MM. The charger label might also tell you the MM. Labels show MM.

Buying a laptop charger requires considering its voltage and amperage.

Choose the right laptop charger from a variety of voltages and amperages.

A laptop charger’s voltage and amperage should match your laptop’s.

Your laptop’s user manual or manufacturer’s website can tell you its charger’s voltage and amperage.

How to Choose a Laptop Charger

Laptop voltage. Most laptop chargers are 19 or 12 volts. You can buy a charger based on voltage.

Before buying a charger, check the voltage because some laptops use 6-volts.

Find your laptop charger step-by-step here.

  • Find the charger’s voltage first. Chargers usually have this printed on them. 18–20 volt laptop chargers are common.
  • Find the charger’s amperage next. Chargers usually have this printed on them. Most laptop chargers are 5-6 amps.
  • You can determine the charger model by knowing its voltage and amperage. The charger’s voltage and amperage must match the device’s.

Can I change my laptop charger plug size?

To change the plug size, you must change the laptop charger since its voltage is fixed.

Most laptops have a variety of chargers, so you can probably find one that works.

Choosing the appropriate plug size is crucial.

  • Most plugs are type A. The outlet accepts two flat prongs. Any country with Type A outlets can utilize your laptop charger.
  • Types B and C plugs exist.
  • USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan use type B plugs with two circular prongs.
  • Europe, South America, and Asia use three-round-prong Type C plugs.

How do I check if my HP laptop charger is right for my laptop if I know the model number?

HP laptops have model numbers on the bottom. One can browse the HP website for their laptop model number to see if a charger is suitable. That laptop’s chargers should be listed.

Enter the model number into the HP search bar. The laptop page has a “Product Specifications” section. “Chargers” will be a tab here.

“Supported Chargers” is under this heading. This section lists the laptop chargers that are supported. If your laptop charger is not listed, you must get a new one.


Thus, the size of a laptop charger affects which adapter you need to use it abroad. Depending on the charger size, adapters are available. Converters for any size adaptor can be pricey.  As we conclude this post, remember that laptop charger pin size is not the only thing to consider when picking a charger. The type of laptop, wattage, amperage, and voltage also affect charger selection.

Make sure your laptop charger is compatible before buying. Before buying, verify the list of compatible chargers since many laptop manufacturers have proprietary chargers. Sometimes a generic charger works. Laptop chargers are personal choices.

This page should help you decide, but if you don’t know your laptop charger’s pin size, check the manual or call the manufacturer. Weirdnewsera that you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment.


How do I figure out what size my laptop charger is?

Outer, inner, and center pin sizes (if applicable) determine your laptop adapter’s size. They’re millimeters. Use calipers for accurate measurements.

How do I know what size charge port I have?

It should match your device’s port outside diameter. The millimeter-measured adapter tip’s inner metal ring This measurement should match your device’s adapter or charger port’s center pin.

How do I know what size charger I need?

Battery chargers should be 10%–20% of the battery’s Ah rating. A 100-Ah battery needs a 10-amp charger. Keep the charger size within 30% of the overall capacity to avoid overcharging.

What size pin is on a Lenovo laptop charger?

Lenovo Laptop G560, G560E, G565, G570, and G575 65W Procence Laptop Charger Adapter 19V 3.42A 65W with Power Cord