Qatar Wealth Fund Has No Interest in Crypto, Exploring Blockchain


Qatar Wealth Fund Has No Interest in Crypto, Exploring Blockchain: According to Chief Executive Officer Mansoor Al Mahmoud, the Qatari wealth fund does not have an interest in investing in cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that it believes in the blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies.

During an interview on Tuesday at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, Qatar Investment Authority’s Al-Mahmoud stated that the organization’s team working in the technology field is investigating the possibilities presented by blockchain technology. “We are not interested in the money itself; rather, this market is what piques our attention.”
Bitcoin, the most widely used digital currency, fell to a price lower than $20,000 in the past week as a result of multiple sites freezing withdrawals. In November of 2017, it reached its highest point of approximately $69,000.

According to Al-Mahmoud, the Qatari fund will not make any additional investments in Russia; nevertheless, it does still have certain interests in the nation. Additionally, it is looking for partners to invest in the infrastructure of African countries, and it maintains its long-term optimism regarding Europe, he added.