Ralphie May Wife: Net Worth, Personal Life and Biography


Ralphie May Wife Lahna Turner is an American stand-up comedian, actress, musician, and actress who is also recognized for being a successful mother and comedian. She is married to actor Ralphie May.

On the other hand, Ralphie May Wife was an American comedian and actor who appeared in a variety of performances in a number of mediums.

What ultimately became of Raphie May? Is he in critical condition? How many different pieces of property does he own? Is it true that the pair went their separate ways prior to Ralphie May’s passing away? Who is the Lady That Ralphie May WifeMarries? Let’s find out.

Who Is Ralphie May Wife?

Turner has a reputation for being sarcastic and is admired for the comedic skills that she possesses.

Ralphie May Wife Lahna Turner, Did She Get May's

In the film “Teacher of the Year,” she portrayed the role of Ursula Featherstone, and she made her debut on the big screen.

Lahna Turner made a cameo appearance in the 2017 film “This Is Meg.” During the year that followed, she was employed by Brand New Old Love.

In addition to comedies, Tuner was also responsible for the production of some documentaries. The documentary known as 360 Degrees Down has Lahna serving as the film’s Executive Producer.

Did Ralphie May Wife Get Everything After Death?

Ralphie passed away at the age of 45, and he bequeathed his wife, Lahna Turner, all of his personal belongings as well as his tangible property, which included furniture, silver, paintings, automobiles, and clothing.

According to one set of stories, they initially filed for divorce in 2015, but it was not formalized until after he passed away.

The value of the portion of her late husband’s fortune that was left over, known as the residue and remnant, was given to Lahna Turner as its whole.

Before he passed away, May stated in one of the interviews that it was important to him to have a close relationship with his children’s grandparents and to spend significant time with them.

Where Was Ralphie May Wife Raised?  

Lahna Turner started her life in the great white north. She moved to Houston with her family when she was still in her childhood.

After being diagnosed with dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD) while she was still in school, Turner went to the school in her hometown, where she had some academic challenges.

She received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Texas State University, where she studied for four years.

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In addition, ever since she was a child, she has had a strong passion for photography, and as a result, she decided to pursue a career in photo technology.

During her time as a student, she was actively employed in the field of photography on a full-time basis.

She began her career in photography, music, and comedy with an internship at the Associated Press when she was 19 years old. This experience helped pave the way for the rest of her professional life.

What Is Ralphie May Wife’s Career?

Turner began her professional life at an extremely impressionable age.

After she graduated from college, she launched her career in stand-up comedy by performing three comic songs at an open mic night in her hometown of Houston.

She worked hard on her CD and published her debut comedy album, Dick Jokes & Other Assorted Love Songs, in 2004, which was met with tremendous support from her devoted audience.

A famous artist released their version of “If These Lips Could Talk” in the year 2012.

Limeade was her very first comedic visual album, and she started recording for it in 2017.

To her relief, leading radio stations around the country played tracks from her CD when it was first released.

What Happened To Ralphie May’s Health? 

After being ill with acute pneumonia while on a cruise ship in 2011, May was eventually given the devastating diagnosis of a deadly pulmonary embolism.

May has spoken about his grandmother’s care for him and his siblings, all of whom were pursuing careers at the same time, in a number of interviews.

In a conversation with the Arkansas Times in 2012, he shared his thoughts about his grandmother, saying, “Thank goodness for my grandma, she was a heck of a woman.”

She was really helpful; she kept us in a status that was well above our financial means, and she made sure that we were taken care of in terms of having clean clothes and shoes.

Ralphie May WifeChildren: What They Are Doing?

In 2005, Ralphie May Wife and Lahna Turner walked down the aisle of their wedding together.

After some time had passed, the couple welcomed two children into the world. In the year 2000, Turner gave birth to her daughter in the city of Houston. April June May was born there.

The year 2009 saw the arrival of the couple’s first child, a boy named August James May.

After their father passed away, Raphie’s children moved in with her mother and are actively pursuing their educations.

They pay regular and frequent visits to their grandparents. Lahna began working on television shows while her kids were still in school so that she could pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

What is Ralphie May’s Wife’s Net Worth?

It is believed that Lahna Turner has a net worth of approximately 6.5 million United States dollars (USD), which she has amassed as a result of her successful career in acting, comedy, and photography.

She has garnered enormous recognition all over the world and has made a significant amount of money from some of the most successful comedy performances she has ever hosted.

Ralphie May Wife Lahna Turner, Did She Get May's
Ralphie May’s Wife Lahna Turner, Did She Get May’s

On the other hand, Ralphie May’s Wife passed away with an estimated net worth of 2 million United States Dollars, which was left to his wife so that she could provide financially for their children.

Ralphie May WifeDeath At 45 

The unfortunate death of May occurred in 2017 following cardiac arrest.

In 2017, he was severely impacted by pneumonia for a number of weeks, and as a result, he was forced to postpone or cancel a number of performances.

Stacey Pokluda, who worked as his publicist, announced his passing one hour after it occurred, at which time he had reached the age of 45.

Some Thoughts Of Ralphie May

It was said on May’s Facebook page that when he was a youngster, his grandmother taught him how to crochet and how to quilt, and that’s how I do and act now. I took those skills and ran with them.

May continued by saying that in addition to one-liners and crude jokes, she also tells longer stories that can last anywhere from ten to twenty minutes, during which she gets chuckles every eight seconds. This is a completely separate group. In addition, the majority of people have not led a life like this before.

In 2012, he gave an interview with the Arkansas Times in which he discussed some of the challenges he had to overcome in his life while he was growing up.

To summarise everything, Ralphie May Wife was an exceptional and modest individual who devoted his entire life to making the lives of others around him more joyful.

On the other hand, his wife Lahna Turner has been there for him through all of the difficulties and tests throughout their marriage. By assisting her husband in his fight against the illness, which ultimately resulted in his passing, she demonstrated that she is a capable and brave woman.


How did Ralphie’s wife fare?

private life May wed comedian Lahna Turner on July 3, 2005. Two children were born to the couple: a son in June 2009 and a daughter in September 2007.

When he passed away, how much did Ralphie May weigh?

When he passed away, how much did Ralphie May weigh? This query arises after looking more closely at his passing. The late comic weighed 350 pounds or 160 kg.

What did Sam Kinison say just prior to passing away?

Sam Kinison, a shrieking and frequently offensive stand-up comedian who had previously worked as a tent preacher, died in a head-on car collision on Friday night. He enquired as to whether they wanted him to accompany them.