Reactions to blogger Tunde Ednut’s Why you dey bow for Asake as they reunite in London


Reactions to blogger Tunde Ednut’s Why you dey bow for Asake as they reunite in London, Following a recent video featuring well-known Nigerian blogger Tunde Ednut, also known as “Mufasa,” and YBNL signee Asake, reactions have begun to pour in.

Asake, TG Omori, and other people were seen in the video with Tunde Ednut, who is well known for being a fan of Asake and for praising him after learning of his success in the music business as a result of his hit songs topping the charts. Asake was performing at the Brixton Academy in London.

When he first sees Asake, Tunde Ednut gives him a hug and a handshake to show how much he likes him, but that is just the beginning.

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As the two were together, the blogger sparked more comments on social media by bending down for Asake and saying he can’t wait to see him perform.

Unfortunately, concertgoers were let down when Asake’s show organizers had to call off the performance at Brixton Academy because of a security lapse.

Online rumors claim that Asaka could not perform because the venue was too small for the audience he usually draws.

When I love someone, I go the total distance for them, Tunde Ednut wrote in a post about the video. I needed to shock him. REAL PEOPLE are critical to me. #NoHomo A ROOM WITH TOO MUCH TALENT IS #GREATNESS.

I adore ASAKE a lot. I had to board the plane to support him at his final performance in London. Unfortunately, the space was inadequate for the size of the crowd he attracted. But he’s returning! 02, we dey arrive!

While the video has received mixed reviews, some have criticized Tunde Ednut for bowing to Asake, while others have praised him for his humility. In addition to criticizing Tunde Ednut for being short, some online commenters praise his suit.

iamtrinityguy: Oh my goodness, this is love. May God keep blessing our king Tundeednut. We adore you, A. K. A., the king of the star-maker, mufasa.

shotayo harnoms: Tunde bow, hail to him. Respect \sdeejay west: Ask who tall passes and tune you.

Eddie Wetin is something you always have on hand, though. Just have a question.

razzyempire001: Why do you bow down to Asake?

Delta baby4life: You also adore this man. I can also sense it.

jedalo.xx: At its best, humility. Think about making Uncle Tunde bow his head to Asake ni! ….. Uncle Tunde, you have my utmost respect! …. Love always takes the initiative!

God bless you very much, daqchocolate. You usually are #dvd e dey plays e dey show.

I’m Jbie the Entertainer, the brother of Big Wiz, Tunde Short Oo.

Wait, ooo they nAh only I see how Dey shake, said Olayinka Abolanle.

Body wisky: I adore your suit; the color looks lovely on your skin right now.