Reliance Industries’ Anant Ambani Sports Diamond-Encrusted “Godfather” Watch


The son of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, Anant Ambani is the heir apparent to the Reliance Industries empire and is known for leading an ostentatious lifestyle. His reputation was recently reinforced when he was seen sporting the 18K rose gold Jacob & Co. Opera Godfather, a watch that completely changed the meaning of what constitutes a luxury watch.

Beyond Timing: The Godfather and a Symphony of Diamonds

Beyond simply telling time, the Opera Godfather is much more. This sumptuous creation is an astounding demonstration of wealth and artistry. An incredibly beautiful show is built around the warm and opulent 18K rose gold case. There are 666 brilliant-cut white diamonds set so perfectly that they sparkle and shimmer with every light flicker encrusted on the case and bezel. Although the number 666 has generated discussion and some have speculated about possible meaning, the design’s sheer genius is still clearly the main attraction.

The extravagance does not end there, though. One special and completely unexpected feature of The Opera Godfather is a tiny music box. The watch’s recognizable theme from Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic film “The Godfather” plays when the violin-shaped crank on the side is turned. This wacky embellishment gives the watch a dash of extravagance and theatricality, turning it into a conversation starter and sure to turn heads.

An Expensive Price Tag for a Unique Watch

There is a price for luxury, and the Opera Godfather is no different. At ₹4,07,00,000 (roughly $430,000 USD), this ostentatious watch has an official list price. This price tag presents the Opera Godfather as a collector’s piece and a representation of the highest level of exclusivity in addition to being a watch. Having a watch like this is a statement in and of itself, demonstrating one’s taste, wealth, and affinity for the unusual.

Reactions and Consequences: A Divided Watch

It is hardly surprising that Anant Ambani’s choice of watch has caused a lot of controversy. Some have praised the Opera Godfather’s exquisite design and craftsmanship, while others have objected to its ostentatious display of wealth. A purchase this flamboyant could be interpreted as insensitive and out of touch in a nation that is experiencing severe economic disparities.

The Jacob & Co. Legacy: An Intense Past

The Opera Godfather is not the first time that a watch made by Jacob & Co. has drawn attention. The opulent timepieces that the New York-based jeweler and watchmaker creates are well-known for their use of pricey materials, complex mechanisms, and precious stones. Celebrities, athletes, and prominent business executives are among their clientele, seeking to adorn their wrists with eye-catching luxury that will spark conversations.

More Than Just a Watch: A Conversation about Extravagance and Opulence

Anant Ambani’s diamond-encrusted “Godfather” watch is more than just an opulent timepiece; it serves as a catalyst for discussion about wealth inequality and a symbol of our fascination with excess. While some recognize the skill and artistry required to create such a work of art, others wonder about the morality of such ostentatious displays in a society where many people find it difficult to meet their basic needs.