Rodger Saffold on Bills loss: At some point you almost run out of gas.


Rodger Saffold on Bills loss: At some point you almost run out of gas. Following Sunday’s loss to the Bengals, the Bills’ season ended, and on Monday, players were required to report to the facility to empty their lockers.

Rodger Saffold, a guard, interrupted his work to talk to the media about the season’s disappointing conclusion. The Bills’ inability to match the Bengals’ intensity on the field was a central talking point on Sunday, and Saffold’s words confirm that this was the case on the team’s end as well.

“Guys were worn down during the week, and our coaches did everything they could to adjust the schedule, but there were still some out-of-character occurrences… This team has been fighting for so long and going through all of this adversity, you almost run out of steam at some point,” Saffold said, as Bridget Condon of NFL Media reported.

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Safety Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest in Week 17 against the Bengals had an emotional toll on the Bills, as seen by Saffold’s statement that the players “haven’t been able to take a breath since the Damar thing.” Now is their chance to rest, but it will be some time before they can prove that they’ve recovered on the field.

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I know it sounds like an excuse, but you saw it for yourself yesterday. They’d had enough for this day. While challenges arise for every team, Buffalo had more than its fair share this past season.

Which is not to diminish the accomplishments of the Bengals. They were the superior squad through the second half of the season, especially yesterday. Even if they hadn’t, they still would have triumphed. They and Kansas City are the current gold standard in the AFC, and the Bills will need to improve significantly to compete.

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Perhaps this proves that the Patriots’ 9 championship wins in the AFC Championship Game over 20 years make them the team with the most impressive record in NFL history. While on that streak, the Patriots were a prime target for their opponents, who consistently fired their best shots at them. They prevailed despite the Bruschi incident. The Bills have been predicted to win for several seasons but have yet to catch up. You can make up all the justifications you like, but the Bills are precisely what we expected them to be.

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Perhaps this proves that the Patriots’ 9 wins in AFC title games over 20 years are the most extraordinary feat in NFL history. The Patriots were a prime target for their opponents throughout their winning streak. They prevailed despite facing challenges like the Bruschi incident. The Bills have been predicted to win for several seasons but have fallen short. No matter what justifications you come up with, the Bills are precisely who we knew they were.

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They were also detected engaging in systemic cheating after taking part in frame jobs conceived at the demand of some AFC owners. However, it did inflict some harm on them. They lost Super Bowl 42 because of a sideline distraction, Super Bowl 46 because their first-round pick was not on the field, and Super Bowl 52 because, in addition to having picks stolen after Goodell was caught framing Brady, the Philadelphia Eagles had a touchdown called wrong on purpose by referees Troy Vincent and a smirking Gene Steratore because the Philly Special is an illegal formation.

They have done extraordinary, especially considering they had to fight off Goodell-approved cheating.

And BB endangering Brady’s job and future in NE by selecting Garoppolo is necessary for that second dynasty to occur.