Rosalinda Rodríguez Death Fact Check, Birthday & Age


There is never a shortage of timeless beauties working in Mexico’s film and television business. One of the actresses who has demonstrated that age is nothing more than a number is Rosalinda Rodríguez.

Even though it’s been more than twenty years since she made her first appearance on television, she still manages to look absolutely lovely.

Rosalinda Rodríguez is a well-known Mexican actress who has been in a number of films and television shows over the course of her career. Her fame was largely attributable to the telenovelas that she appeared in around the country.

Who Is Rosalinda Rodríguez And How Old Does She Look?

As a result of her participation in telenovelas produced by Telemundo and Univision, she has garnered a sizeable following in a variety of nations all over the world.

Real Age of Rosalinda Rodríguez?

Rosalinda Rodríguez came into the world on March 29th, 1970 in the Mexican city of Tampico. As of the year 2022, she will be 52 years old. Her mother’s name is Silvia Pinal, and her father’s name is Eugenio Derbez. She is their only child.

What Does Rosalinda Rodríguez Do for a Living? 

Rosalinda Rodríguez is one of the most famous actresses in Mexico. Since she was a young kid, she has had the ambition of having a career in the acting industry. The soap operas that the actress has starred in for Telemundo, Televisa, and Venevision have brought her a lot of fame.

Since 2004, she has appeared in a number of different telenovelas, which has led to her being a well-known figure in the television and cinema business in Mexico.

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The following is a list of movies and television shows that Rosalinda Rodríguez has appeared in:

  • Soñar con una mujer Poseída (2018) as Olivia Egurrola de Corsega 
  • Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio (2017) as Doña Rosa Saavedra de Rivera 
  • Bajo el mismo cielo (2015) as Laura Morales 
  • Reina de corazones (2014) as Carmen Solís 
  • Dama y obrero (2013) as Petra García 
  • La casa de al lado (2011-2012) as Karen Ortega 
  • Aurora (2010) as Pilar 
  • Perro amor (2010) as Doña Beatriz
  • Valeria (2008) as Hilda de Hidalgo 
  • Dame Chocolate (2007) as Hortensia Barraza Amado 
  • Las dos caras de ana (2006-2007) as Úrsula Peralta 
  • El cuerpo del deseo (2005) as Cantalicia Muñetón de Cerinza
  • Anita no te rajes (2004 – 2005 ) as Rosario Chayo Guerrero 
  • Prisionera (2004) as Tarántula 
  • La Revancha (2000) as Tula 

Rosalinda Rodríguez Has Amassed A Significant Amount Of Wealth 

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Who Is Rosalinda Rodríguez And How Old Does She Look?

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