Sam Fender has postponed a tour to concentrate on his mental health.


Sam Fender has postponed a tour to concentrate on his mental health., Sam Fender has canceled tour dates so he may concentrate on his mental health.

The Brit-award winner and, frankly, the best thing to happen to indie rock in years, is taking a vacation and canceling three headlining performances.

Fender wrote on Instagram today (September 12), “I and the fellas are burnt out and we need this time.”

The “Seventeen Going Under” singer is very honest, and he recently remarked, “It feels absolutely hypocritical to urge debate on mental health and create songs about it if I don’t take the time to care after my own mental health.”

Fender has been hard at work this year, dominating the UK festival circuit and leaving an indelible mark with his performance on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury “Being on the road makes it impossible to do the work on me that I need to do, and pretending to be happy and healthy for the sake of business is exhausting. I have neglected myself for over a year and have not dealt with things that have deeply affected me.

My coworkers and friends have been concerned about me for some time, and things won’t improve unless I give myself time to focus on them.

We hope the best for Fender, and the brilliant young man has been quick to express his gratitude to his supporters “As much as I hate to be the one to break it to you, my health problems are beginning to negatively impact not only my performances but also my everyday life. You guys deserve better than me going out there and giving less than 100% every time.”

The 28-year-old concedes, however, that taking a break will ultimately result in the cancellation of shows “Therefore, I will be forced to curtail my travel plans for the time being. We have decided to cancel our last three headlining gigs in the United States, as well as our upcoming shows with Florence + the Machine and our appearance at the Life is Beautiful Festival.