Samsung m30s fingerprint sensor not working


Samsung m30s fingerprint sensor not working: If you ask anyone how to unlock a phone as quickly as possible, they will tell you to use the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. Unlocking the phone takes less than a second, and once it is unlocked, you are free to use it however you like.

Samsung m30s fingerprint sensor not working

The scanner provides an additional level of security that is quite complex due to the fact that your passwords may be deduced from your fingerprints and are therefore less likely to be faked. What would you do if you discovered that the fingerprint sensor on your Samsung Galaxy M30s was not functioning properly?

Samsung m30s fingerprint sensor not working

It has come to our attention that other users have reported experiencing issues that are quite similar. It might only be for a split second, or the sensor might stop working for a considerable amount of time. The following is a list of possible troubleshooting procedures that you can utilize.

1: Check if your Fingers are clean [ Fingerprint sensor not working on Samsung Galaxy M30s ]

A fingerprint sensor is a sophisticated piece of equipment that reads a person’s fingerprints in order to authenticate them and subsequently provide access. Fingers that are damp, dry, or unclean can prevent a fingerprint sensor from detecting the stimulus. Because the sensor was unable to identify your fingerprint, it will not work even if you are the owner of the phone and use the correct finger in the correct manner.

First, clean your finger with a tissue or a napkin, and then give it another shot. We normally advise registering two or three fingers so that even if your index finger gets dirty, you can still unlock your Samsung Galaxy M30s with your middle finger or thumb. This is because the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy M30s is rather sensitive.

2: Check if the Fingerprint sensor is clean

Assuming that your finger is free of any dirt or debris, it is now time to clean the fingerprint sensor. If it hasn’t been cleaned up, it won’t be able to authenticate the user properly. If you cover the fingerprint sensor with oils, liquids, or any other substance, its capacity to recognize a touch will be distorted, and as a result, you will have problems unlocking your Samsung Galaxy M30s using this method.

To clean the module, you can use a cloth or tissue that has been gently dampened with water. It should go without saying that you should not use hard or sharp things like keys to remove debris that has accumulated on the module because doing so will cause more damage than good.

3: Reboot the phone [ Fingerprint sensor not working on Samsung Galaxy M30s ]

If you felt that this strategy might not work in this situation, you should think about it again. It turns out that momentary software issues might cause the phone’s fingerprint scanner to behave erratically, such as refusing to recognize a user’s print. This can happen when the software is updated. Therefore, all that is required to rectify this momentary software issue is a swift restart, and you will be well on your way to resolving the issue.

4: Software Updates

Your Samsung Galaxy M30s should have its software kept up to date at regular intervals in order to eliminate any faults that it may have. If you are having problems with the fingerprint scanner not working, the problem may be caused by outdated firmware.

Checking to see whether there is an available update won’t take up much of your time at all. If the answer is true, then navigate to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Updates (System Updates) and download and install the update. This should resolve the issue.

5: Wipe cache partition [ Fingerprint sensor not working on Samsung Galaxy M30s ]

In order to complete this specific approach, you will need to boot into the recovery mode. We strongly suggest that you choose another approach if you do not feel confident using this procedure. Those of you who are ready to move on can proceed by clearing the system cache on your Samsung Galaxy M30 by using this option. This is how the process goes.

  • Put your Samsung Galaxy M30s into power save mode.
  • It is necessary for you to get into recovery mode. You have the option of pressing the Volume UP AND Power button, or the Volume DOWN AND Power button. You’ll need to keep pressing the buttons until the recovery mode boot screen appears on the phone.
  • Now, you may switch between available settings by using the volume rockers. In this case, the selection is made by pressing the power button. Take note that the touchscreen is inoperable in this location.
  • Choose the option to “Wipe Cache Partition.”
  • In closing, “Reboot the system now,” and you are finished with everything.
  • Check to see if the fingerprint scanner is functioning properly.

6: Reset your Samsung Galaxy M30s

Using this strategy is comparable to shooting someone in the head with their final bullet. This is due to the fact that all of the data that was ever saved on your Samsung Galaxy M30s will be deleted once you perform a factory reset on the device. We strongly advise against using this method without first creating a backup of your data.

Samsung m30s fingerprint sensor not working

  • To begin, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Go to System >> Reset Options >> Erase all data in your system’s menu (factory reset).
  • You will be asked if you want to continue with it or not before it is completed. To confirm your agreement, click the “Erase All Data” button, and then enter the password to finish the process and activate the mechanism for resetting it.

7: Report the issue

In the event that you are still having trouble resolving the issue of the fingerprint sensor on your Samsung Galaxy M30s not functioning properly, it is time to bring in the major guns. When we talk about getting help from an official technician at the approved service center for your phone, what we really mean is that. You still have the option to report the problem to a nearby service center, but doing so puts the warranty of the device in jeopardy.


The above-mentioned troubleshooting procedures are some of the options available to you in order to resolve the issue where the fingerprint sensor on your Samsung Galaxy M30s is not functioning properly.

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