Serious Car Fire Burns to Jay Leno


Serious Car Fire Burns to Jay Leno, Following a gasoline fire, Jay Leno has sustained “severe burns,” but he is in stable condition, the former “The Tonight Show” host told Variety. In a statement, Leno said: “A gasoline fire caused some serious burns. I am ok. Only a week or two is necessary for me to get up again.

Leno was taken to the hospital on Sunday after a fire broke out in his Los Angeles car garage, according to TMZ. Leno reportedly suffered burns to his face when one of the cars caught fire. For treatment of his wounds, Leno was taken to the Grossman Burn Center.

People magazine was the first to report on Leno’s health. The comedian had to postpone his presence at a finance conference in Las Vegas on Sunday owing to a “severe medical situation.” At the time, Leno’s facial burns weren’t made public.

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An email to attendees stated that “His family was not able to give us very many details, but there was a very serious medical emergency that is preventing Jay from traveling.” “All we know is he is alive, so tonight our prayers are with him and his family,” someone said.

Leno has been vocal about having high cholesterol for a number of years. Many followers assumed Leno was experiencing a health problem relating to his cholesterol after hearing about a “severe medical situation.” Leno urged his followers to get routine cholesterol checks in a video that was published in 2019.

Many of the people I see strolling about like that are ticking time bombs. You don’t realize how much cholesterol you have until it truly affects you, you know? At the moment, Leno stated. It’s similar to how a car’s engine would shut down if even a small amount of dirt got into the jet’s needle. And your heart experiences it in that way.

Leno took over for Johnny Carson as host of “The Tonight Show” on NBC, which Carson presided over from 1992 to 2009. Conan O’Brien took over as host of “The Tonight Show” after Leno quit his position to launch his own NBC primetime talk show, “The Jay Leno Show.”

Poor ratings for both shows led NBC to make the infamous decision to rehire Jay Leno as host of “The Tonight Show” in March 2010. Leno continued to host the late-night program for an additional four years before formally departing on February 6, 2014. Jimmy Fallon has taken over from Jay Leno.

In addition to “The Tonight Show,” Leno debuted “Jay Leno’s Garage” on CNBC in 2015. There have been 88 episodes and seven seasons of the show so far.