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Free stuff and resources in the State of Survival are accessible via cheat codes. Below, you’ll find both currently valid and previously used State of Survival codes for your testing pleasure. Keep reading until the end, and we’ll tell you exactly how to redeem them so you can get your rewards as soon as possible.

Select the “plus” icon on Lucky’s screen to access the VIP kit ordering page. The fragments from these can be used to summon Lucky. State of survival how to get lucky

Consequently, you can sign up for a VIP account (for €5.49) and access VIP benefits, including the pieces you need to recruit Lucky. The image depicts the fragment entitled “Lucky.”

You can either pay to advance faster and gain access to more features or play for free and still have fun. You’ll need to maximize the resources you find and the influence of random events if you want to succeed in a State of Survival. Regular updates to the game include new redeemable codes provided by KingsGroup. This is an excellent way for players to get free stuff that might seem like little at first but will add up quickly.

You can make more rapid strides in the State of Survival if you take advantage of the game’s occasional free resources. However, these vouchers have a limited lifespan and will eventually become invalid. It’s often a good idea to use new redeemable codes as soon as possible after discovering them.

Here is what you need to use a code

  • Begin a new game of State of Survival and navigate to the options menu.
  • Select Redemption from the Gift menu and enter the code.
  • When you enter the code and click Redeem, your rewards will be added to your account.

You managed to enlist the services of Lucky, one of State of Survival’s most well-known heroines. When did she become so overused? We’ll start by introducing ourselves and explaining everything.

 Lucky’s techniques

When Lucky reaches level 5, he will have access to three distinct attack techniques. These have the potential to be of great use and will help your army become one of the most powerful in the State of Survival.

Cuddles (level 3)

Explorer: As part of this attack, Lucky will spike-armor his teddy bear, increasing his health by 2440 and dealing 123.60 damage to all of your foes that attack in close quarters.

The fact that Lucky is present confers a 25 percent increase in health to friendly forces.

Slice and dice (level 5)

Explorer: If you use this strategy, Lucky will have a one-in-three chance of hurling three circular saw blades at your foes, each of which will deal over 278 points worth of damage to them.

In the military, there is a one in four chance that friendly troops will launch a second attack, dealing double the average damage.

Teddy Bear Terror (level 5)

By utilizing this strategy, Lucky will give his teddy bear the ability to shoot superheated flames as a flamethrower (giving him 309 attack points and 1220 health). Take note that the teddy bear will detonate upon being destroyed, dealing 309 points of damage to any nearby targets.

Military: Teddy, the teddy bear, will distract enemies, allowing allies to receive a 20 percent damage reduction from any attacks they take.

It is clear, now that all of this information has been presented, why Lucky is one of the most well-liked protagonists in the State of Survival. This hunter has the potential to become the most strategic component of the game if she makes effective use of her abilities.

state of survival how to get lucky

State of survival how to get lucky for free?

Lucky and the other heroes in State of Survival must be unlocked using fragments, which can be earned through regular gameplay or purchased with a VIP pass. To accomplish this, select Lucky from the available heroes on the list. You can obtain VIP kits by going to Lucky’s screen and clicking on the icon that looks like a plus sign. This will take you to the screen where you can buy them.

State of Survival Code Redemption

To redeem your promo codes in the State of Survival, launch the game and click on ‘chief profile’ in the top left-hand corner. Navigate to the settings menu, click on ‘Gift Redemption’, and paste or type your code into the box. Redeem the code and collect your freebies via the in-game mail.

How do you redeem codes in the State of Survival?

To get your rewards from the State of Survival:

  • Begin playing the game.
  • To edit your chief avatar, navigate to the upper left corner of the screen and tap on the main avatar frame.
  • Simply navigate to the bottom right corner of the screen that displays your chief profile and select the Settings option.
  • Choose the Gift Redemption menu option, then key in the State of Survival code you wish to apply.
  • Your rewards are waiting for you in the mailbox.

What does the State of Survival error “exchange requirements do not meet” mean?

New players are the only ones who can use specific redeem codes. If you playing State of Survival for some time and you get the error message “exchange requirements don’t meet,” it indicates that the code you are attempting to use is only valid for new players and cannot be redeemed by existing players.

Complete list of active codes for the State of Survival (January 4)

As of Our Most Recent Check: January 4, 2023

  • Happy2023Survivors: Enter the code to get your hands on the free rewards.
  • ProjectDominion1205: Claim for a 500x Increase in Biocapacity, 1,000 in Metal, 1,000 in Food, 1,000 in Wood, and a 5m Speedup (New)
  • sos1234: Unlock 500 Biocaps, an Epic Search Map, five Rusty Fragments, 100 copies of a 1k Gas, 100 copies of 1k Metal, 300 copies of 1k Food, and 300 copies of a 1k Wood. Additionally, you must acquire 500 copies of each of these items. (New players are the only ones allowed to use this code.)

In the State of Survival, you can get free rewards by entering the above codes.

All State of Survival codes that have expired

  • Unlock in-game Resources with the Password reservoirleague1119.
  • Unlock in-game Resources with the PCHALLOWEEN Key!
  • Unlock all of the GorillaLove in-game Resources!
  • Unlock in-game Resources with the Code 1028GLHF.
  • Unlock all of the in-game Resources with SOSXPOCKETGAMER!
  • assignmentsos8: Receive ten tactical guides.
  • Unlock all of the in-game Resources with Zenyasai.
  • Unlock 500 Biocap, an Advanced Search Map, a one-hour Speed Boost, 1,000 Metal, 1,000 Wood, and 1,000 Food to receive the ForeverTrident achievement.
  • Unlock five Skin Tickets, one hundred Biocaps, ten thousand gallons of gas, ten thousand tonnes of metal, ten thousand tonnes of food, ten thousand tonnes of wood, one hundred VIP points, and five minutes of speed-up time thanks to all survivors.
  • Redeemable for in-game Resources During the Month of FunPlusxSoS (Only works for new players)
  • Unlock a Tactical Gear Design in MMsos4, a Chief Gear Material Crate, 1,000 Biocap, and an hour of Speedup.
  • Unlock 100 Biocap, 10,000 Metal, 10,000 Food, and 10,000 Wood to complete the lucky2022 challenge.
  • treasure
  • Unlocking 500 Biocap, an Epic Search Map, a Rusty Fragment, 10,000 Supply Crates, and a five-minute Speedup in 2022 is required.
  • Unlock 100 Biocap, 10,000 Metal, 10,000 Food, and 10,000 Wood to complete the sos8888 challenge.
  • Unlock 500 Biocaps, an Epic Search Map, five Rusty Fragments, 1,000 Gas, 1,000 Metal, 1,000 Food, and 1,000 Wood to complete nanami202.
  • sosdevfeedback777
  • Receive 300 Biocaps, Chief Experience Points, VIP Points, Stamina Supplies, and Speedups when you defeat OtsuKaresama1228 using the 5JyoTaisaMtainer StoneGarden14 NyanNyanNyan222.
  • S0076EA48ED2 – saikou0315 – SaturdayPLASMA SOS119: You will receive 500 Biocaps, Epic Search Maps, 10,000 Supply Crates, and a Speedup to Construction.
  • Earn five copies of 100 Biocaps, two Epic Search Maps, a 10K Supply Crate, and fifteen 5M Speedup by using the SosLoveCode, SosLuckyDog, Spring322, Sunday0317, TigerFahad, Treasure2022, and Sos6666 cheat codes.
  • gtvmediasos is where you can earn rewards.
  • Earn 500 Biocaps, two Epic Search Maps, 1,000 1,000 Food, 1,000 1,000 Wood, and 20 5,000-meter Speedups with Objective SOS-8282.
  • darylsos
  • Earn one Epic Hero Badge, one Elite Hero Fragment, two 1,000 Gasses, two 1,000 Metal, two 1,000 Food, two 1,000 Wood, two Training Speedups for five minutes each, and x2 Combat Manuals to complete SFA773217A67. I S13A9A1D3804: Accumulate fifty biocaps, one advanced search map, three one thousand gallons of gas, three one thousand pounds of metal, three one thousand pounds of food, three one thousand pounds of wood, three five training speedups, and three five millimeters of research speedups.
  • Earn 50 Biocaps, one Epic Hero Badge, one Epic Hero Fragment, one Advanced Search Map, five 1,000 units of gas, five 1,000 units of metal, five 1,000 units of food, five 1,000 units of wood, four 5,000-meter training speedups, four 5,000-minute construction speedups, and 5,000-minute research speedups. SD406B202C12:
  • Earn x300 Biocaps, two Advanced Search Maps, x20 10K Supply Crates, and x30 one-minute Speedups by being a wallwatcher.
  • Earn 500 Biocaps and one Epic Search Map by participating in the 1STYEARPARTY event!
  • patricksos \spoleznyibessos
  • Earn 500 Biocaps and one Epic Search Map to unlock POZDRAVLYAEM. Earn 250 Biocaps to unlock the profession.
  • Earn 1,000 Biocaps two, an Epic Search Map two, ten Rusty fragments, one hundred chief experience points, and a Fire Fury HQ skin with Samsung.
  • shimoroshowsos
  • solidvideosos
  • — You will receive x1000 Biocap, x5 Epix Hero Fragment, two Advanced Search Maps, x300 1K Food, x300 1K Wood, and six Speedups that last for five minutes each. (Only New Players are Allowed)
  • sos100 \ssos1234
  • — Acquire Biocaps multiplied by 500, an Epic Search Map multiplied by 1, Rusty (Fragment) multiplied by 5, 1k Gas multiplied by 100, 1k Metal multiplied by 100, 1k Food multiplied by 300, and 1k Wood multiplied by 300. (Only New Players are Allowed)
  • sos200 \sSOS23rd \ssos300
  • Earn 1K Biocap one, 200 Chief EXP x100, Rusty (Fragments) x10, 1K Metal x300, 1K Food x300, and 1K Wood x300 by completing the Sos999 quest. (Only New Players are Allowed)
  • Earn 500 Biocaps and two Search Maps by completing the SoSHaematom quest.
  • Sosmuttertag2021
  • Earn the Epic Search Map one and Biocap x500 with the sosniko SOSpring event!
  • Sunday is the day to redeem three hundred biocaps.
  • Thank you very much; please exchange this for 300 biocaps.
  • Thenursewilljackit
  • Earn x300 Biocaps, x1000 1K Food, x1000 1K Wood, and x5 5m Speedups by using the Trapbuilder ability.
  • VK60K – Acquire 500 Biocaps in Addition to Two Search Maps
  • vlfrgaming2 wilbursos woahaematomsos
  • ZodiacAnimal \sZodiacfrank


The survival strategy video game State of Survival is gaining more and more fans. The title’s popularity is mainly due to the many game modes available; however, the appeal and visual appeal of the protagonists in the game are also significant factors. The accomplishments of the character Lucky in the State of Survival are particularly noteworthy. So how do you get lucky in the State of Survival? Who is Lucky? How do you unlock her with fragments? What are her strategies? Weirdnewsera recommends you to read all content about sport, entertainment, science and many more.


How do you get lucky in the State of Survival?

Start-up State of Survival and navigate to the options screen. Select the Gift Redemption menu option and enter the code provided. After entering the code, select Redeem to have the points added immediately.

How do I get my 2022 state of survival to work?

Launch State of Survival and select “chief profile” from the menu on the left to use a coupon code. Choose “Gift Redemption” from the settings menu and enter your code.

In the State of Survival, how do you gain access to the Joker?

You can get Joker Chips by purchasing the Clown Prince Bundle or participating in the Arena of Doom event. New Joker Chips will be converted to Biocaps after the event.

Where do I find the legendary pieces in a state of survival?

Legendary Hero Fragments can be acquired in a variety of ways. Find-a-hero contests, holiday parties, and group incentives. You can get Legendary Hero Fragments by completing a series of in-game events that our players have compiled for you.