Streamlined Apple Cash Accessibility in Newest iOS Beta


According to reports from 9to5Mac and Reddit users a few weeks ago, iOS 17.4 beta introduces a new feature that allows iPhone users to create virtual accounts for Apple Cash. This development eliminates a major limitation in Apple’s payment services, as it allows users to pay with Apple Cash even if Apple Pay is not available.

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Although this feature is not available to all beta users, it is easy to check its availability. Go to the Wallet app, select your Apple Cash card, and look for a reminder while Balance invites you to create a virtual card account. Setting a virtual bus number is a simple two-step process.

After creating a virtual card, users can access information such as expiration date and three-digit security code by clicking the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. It’s worth noting that Apple Cash continues to use a separate account for Apple Pay transactions, which can be accessed by diving deeper into the menu under “Additional Accounts.”

This update is especially useful for users who frequently use Apple Cash, as it provides a convenient solution for payments in areas where Apple Pay is not supported. Users can now top up their Apple Cash card number without having to rely on bank transfers, which will cost a small fee compared to other free methods that take 1-3 processing days.