The best ultrasonic scaler for home use


The best ultrasonic scaler for home use: Mel Prebble, a successful dental hygienist, and instrumentation trainer explains why there is only one ultrasonic scaler that she would trust to ensure the long-term health of her patients and her career. She believes that this is the only ultrasonic scaler that can effectively remove tartar and plaque from teeth.

To a large extent, the success of dental hygienists and therapists is predicated on their capacity to maintain the satisfaction of their clients. Therefore, it is essential that we as a profession learn what it is that our patients want from us and that we ensure we are able to give it to them.

The best ultrasonic scaler for home use

One of the most important aspects of this is having the ability to communicate clearly with patients so that they are aware of what constitutes excellent oral hygiene and appreciate the significance of taking responsibility for their own oral health. In addition to this, it is of the utmost importance to provide them with a pleasant patient experience and to ensure that they are able to discern a tangible improvement following each session. If we continue in this manner, they will continue to visit us.

The best ultrasonic scaler for home use

The most recent ultrasonic scaler released by Dentsply Sirona is called the Cavitron Touch, and I am convinced that it is the best ultrasonic scaler now available on the market. Because of this, I am able to provide a positive patient experience.

What is a dental ultrasonic scaler?

A dental scaler machine is a sophisticated instrument that can remove calculus without causing any discomfort to the patient. It is more effective than conventional instruments since it does not put your teeth in danger of being damaged in the process. When trained professional works on you, the tooth roots are also given the utmost safety.

After receiving professional hygiene treatment, the surface of your teeth should be left smooth. This will make it difficult for plaque biofilms to re-attach themselves to your teeth in the future. As a result, you may look forward to having cleaner teeth for a longer period of time. The ultrasonic scaler is a main piece of equipment that is utilized by dental specialists. It is distinct from the traditional handheld scaler in that it helps you clean the teeth in less time and leads to greater outcomes than you would get with the traditional handheld scaler.

When compared to conventional methods of scaling, patients and dental professionals alike prefer the ultrasonic scaler machine since it requires less force and makes the cleaning process more relaxing. When scaling a tooth, only the very tip of the scaler makes contact with the tooth’s surface. The patient will experience less discomfort as a result of the ultrasonic scaler’s small tip being able to eliminate tartar from below the gum line. In addition, a more thorough cleaning will result from using the scaler. After that, the professional will be able to scale any additional difficult region by hand.

How does an ultrasonic scaler work?

The mechanical operation of the scaler ultrasonic cleaning device is the key factor in the gadget’s superior cleaning performance. Utilizing high vibrational energy, it is able to successfully blast calculus from the surface of the teeth. This is made possible by the device. They generate some shock waves, and then they use a jet of water to wash away the plaque germs. The water jet both cools the tip of the machine and removes any dirt that may be stuck to your teeth.

The tip of the device vibrates, which causes some of the water to generate microscopic bubbles. These bubbles create an oxygenated environment, which disrupts the germs that are in the teeth. Because of the bubbles’ presence, the bacteria are placed in an unfavorable habitat. Cavitation is the term used to describe the procedure by dentists.

The calculus deposits that were visible on the surface of the teeth could be removed by dental specialists with the help of ultrasonic dental scalers after they became available. They no longer simply care for the surface of the teeth but also remove calcium deposits below the gum line. This is a recent advancement.

They are effective without having a harmful impact on the roots of the teeth. The outermost layer of the teeth is called enamel, while the layer covering the tooth roots is called cementum. Because it is more delicate and more delicate than the enamel, the cementum is more susceptible to harm. Because of this, a dentist needs to use extreme caution when cleaning the tooth roots in order to avoid causing any damage. An ultrasonic scaler is a treatment option for gum disease if you exhibit the symptoms of the ailment.

The best ultrasonic scaler for home use

Ultrasonic scaler machines can be either piezoelectric or magnetostrictive, depending on the manufacturer’s preference. There are various distinctions between the two tools, despite the fact that both share the same mechanism. The magnetostrictive dental scaler operates in an elliptical motion similar to that of an exercise bike while the piezoelectric dental scaler cleans the teeth in a straight line.

Both of the machines have very rapid vibrations, and their continued operation depends on the jet water to keep them from becoming overheated. Lavage is the term that’s used by the experts. During the lavage process, in addition to the use of jet water, some dentists also make use of anti-microbial chemicals. Dentists typically opt for magnetostrictive dental scalers despite the fact that both of the scalers are effective.

Why Cavitron is the best ultrasonic scaler

As a part of my undergraduate education as a dental hygienist, I received instruction on how to use the Cavitron, and once I graduated, I made it the primary piece of equipment that I used in my practice. The elliptical motion of the Cavitron’s insert makes it significantly more adjustable and less technique-sensitive than the inserts of other ultrasonic systems. As a result, I am able to produce outcomes that are more predictable when I use the Cavitron. Because of this, there is greater room to maneuver the instrument in order to clean it or remove deposits. Because there are so many different inserts to choose from, my Cavitron has a high level of both adaptability and precision, which enables me to utilize it for any task.

Makes life easier

The primary focus of development work on the Touch has been on making it simpler to administer treatments. My ability to adapt the instrument too challenging places while keeping an excellent ergonomic position is made possible by the handpiece’s swivel, which rotates through 360 degrees.

Because of its modest weight, the handpiece is easy to use and reduces the risk of repetitive strain, both of which are extremely important qualities in an instrument like this one, which I use for most of the day.

The wireless tap-on foot pedal is also amazing because it enables me to enjoy two minutes of uninterrupted flow while maintaining a comfortable position. All I have to do is tap it once, then place my feet level on the floor. Working in an ergonomic manner enables me to provide my patients with the highest possible level of care while minimizing the impact of any potential physical distractions.

Makes me more efficient

The innovative functions make me more efficient, particularly the power presets, which enable me to pre-program power settings before treatment begins and then switch between them at the touch of a button. This makes me more productive overall. It is possible for me to make a note of the power settings for a certain patient, and then I may utilize those settings again in the future when I am treating that patient. This makes my work significantly more efficient.

The best ultrasonic scaler for home use

Because I use the Cavitron Touch, I am able to ensure that their time spent with me is a pleasant one by providing effective treatment, ensuring that they are comfortable throughout the process, and getting them out the door as quickly as possible while ensuring that they feel the beneficial effects of the procedure.

Investing in yourself

It is never too early, in my opinion, to begin investing in yourself by obtaining the appropriate equipment, and an ultrasonic scaler ought to be at the top of the shopping list as the “workhorse” of a hygienist’s day because it is the most important tool they use.

The Cavitron brand has stood the test of time because it is synonymous with dependability and superior quality. My career-long investments in the Cavitron have never been a mistake, and I’ve had many fruitful years using it as my “go-to” instrument thanks to its versatility and reliability. Because of this, in my opinion, it is the most effective ultrasonic scaler currently available on the market.

It is important to use a dental scaler to scrape your teeth regularly, regardless of whether or not you have any dental problems. It has the potential to provide your teeth with a variety of benefits. For example, a dental scaler can remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, leaving you with the clean feeling that you get after scraping your teeth. In addition to that, it removes stains from your teeth so that they appear whiter as a result.

If you suffer from periodontal disease, you could find that a dental scaler is helpful because it can cure issues related to the gums and teeth. Deposits that are difficult to remove using a traditional toothbrush can be removed from your teeth with the help of this tool. They work on the surface of your teeth, the crown, and the roots of your teeth, among other sections of your teeth.

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