The breathing tube is taken out of Damar Hamlin and he FaceTimes with Bills.


The breathing tube is taken out of Damar Hamlin and he FaceTimes with Bills. Buffalo Bills safety After removing his breathing tube, Damar Hamlin has started communicating with his medical team, family, and teammates.

According to a statement released by the University of Cincinnati Medical Center physicians and distributed by the Buffalo Bills, Hamlin’s breathing tube was removed overnight, and he continues to “progress remarkably in his recovery.” According to the doctors, his neurological function has not been affected, and he can communicate verbally.

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During Friday’s meeting with the team, Hamlin, 24 years old, was on the phone with his loved ones and FaceTimed with his teammates. He told the other players and coaches, “Love you, boys.”

On Thursday, the doctors discussed with the media that removing the breathing tube from Hamlin would be a significant step forward for him, and they are keeping their fingers crossed that he will be able to return home to be with his family soon as possible.

After Hamlin passed out on the field on Monday night after making a tackle on Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, CPR was performed on him for several minutes until medical personnel arrived. According to the ESPN broadcast, Hamlin was given oxygen as he was transported off the field in the ambulance. He was taken by car to the hospital and has been there ever since.

Hamlin’s life was saved, according to Dr. William Knight IV, thanks to the rapid response of the medical staff. According to him, a medical professional arrived at Hamlin’s side within one minute of the defensive back collapsing and determined that the player did not have a pulse. Knight reported that Hamlin required resuscitation and CPR while on the field.

The question of what brought on Hamlin’s cardiac arrest cannot be answered with absolute certainty.

On Sunday, the Bills will host the New England Patriots for a game that will be played in the NFL. The National Football League and the Buffalo Bills have requested that the Bills’ merchandise partner, Fanatics, produce “Love for Damar” t-shirts in the quantity of 150 for each home team. On Sunday, the shirts will be distributed evenly among the opposing groups for them to wear during the pregame warm-ups.