The Cambridges’ Museum-Like Apartment 1A humiliated Prince Harry’s IKEA furniture.


The Cambridges’ Museum-Like Apartment 1A humiliated Prince Harry’s IKEA furniture. The publication date of January 10th has been set for Prince Harry’s book, but it has already been leaked. The Daily Mail reports that during their visit to Prince William and Kate Middleton at their Kensington Palace apartment—which is more like a large mansion—Harry and Meghan Markle had an awkward exchange.
“The wallpaper, the ceiling trim, the oak bookshelves loaded with volumes of serene colors, valuable works of art,” Harry says. “Magnificent. Something like a museum.” He continues, “We congratulated them on the remodeling without holding back the compliments but feeling embarrassed of our IKEA lamps and the second-hand sofa we’d recently bought on sale with Meg’s credit card on”

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We have photos of the inside of Kate and Wills’ lovely home, taken during their visit with the Obamas, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any royal splendor.
Notts Cott, Harry’s residence on the Kensington Palace grounds, was previously occupied by Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Royal historian Christopher Warwick stated in 2020 that “it is not a modest house” because the residence of Kate and William “has 20 rooms from the basement to the attic.”
All of the apartments at Kensington Palace are termed apartments, which leads many to assume that the royal family lives in flats, the American term for apartments. “He provided a clarification. “This is not the case. Kensington Place, conceptually speaking, centers on a trio of courtyards. To visualize them, picture charming red brick terrace homes. For the simple reason that they are not just one big house but several smaller ones.”
The “apartment” Will and Kate live in has five “reception rooms,” nine “staff bedrooms,” an elevator, a gym, a luggage room, and multiple drawing rooms across four stories. However, they now spend most of their time in their four-bedroom Windsor home, Adelaide Cottage.
Harry and Meghan, meanwhile, have purchased a $30 million mansion in Montecito. As reported by The Sun, the Sussexes’ mansion has increased in value by £12 million (or $14.9 million) since they purchased it in June 2020 for $14.6 million. Wherever they got those sofas, they’re lovely!