The crowd boos Elon Musk after Dave Chappelle introduces him on stage during a comedy show.


The crowd boos Elon Musk after Dave Chappelle introduces him on stage during a comedy show. At a Dave Chappelle comedy event on Sunday night, the audience booed and cheered tech billionaire Elon Musk.

At an exceptional Punchline Comedy Club performance at the Chase Center in San Francisco, the comedian invited the Tesla CEO to the stage.

The crowd can be seen jeering Musk in a video posted to Twitter. Musk’s recent acquisition of the social media platform has drawn criticism due to worries of mass layoffs and laxer content moderation.

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your voices to support the world’s richest person, Chappelle instructs the audience. There were some cheers from the audience, but there was also a loud chorus of jeers.

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Did you not anticipate this? Chappelle is informed by Musk after the jeers.

It sounds like some of the folks you fired are in the audience, Chappelle responds.

“All these folks that are booing, I’m just pointing out the obvious – they have lousy seats in the stadium,” Chappelle says later in the video.

The Twitter account of the person who posted the video appears to have been suspended or deleted, with the message: “This Tweet is from an Account that No Longer Exists.”

When approached by CNBC, Twitter—which fired several communications professionals as part of its effort to reduce its headcount by about half—was not immediately available for comment.

James Yu, a Twitter user who claimed to have attended the Chappelle event, wrote on his account: “A good 80% of the stadium boos. 18000 persons

Dave gave him numerous opportunities to speak, but all he did was put his hands in his pockets, Yu said.

“I was genuinely sorry for him. I’m more of a moderate than an Elon devotee. For the love of God, man, say something and act like a tweet! I wanted to smack him.

In a Monday tweet, Musk responded to the jeers.

Technically speaking (save during quiet intervals), there were 90% cheers and 10% boos, but even so, there were a lot of boos, which was a first for me in real life (frequent on Twitter). It almost seems like I upset the crazy liberals in San Francisco.

Democrats, LGBTQ activists, and others have taken offense at the conservative tycoon’s statements.

Musk received criticism for a tweet sent out on Sunday that targeted Anthony Fauci, the departing chief medical advisor for the United States and the face of the administration’s reaction to Covid-19. The remark fueled a firestorm of online harassment and conspiratorial ideas aimed at the seasoned immunologist.

Musk has often criticized the use of lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus, having once projected that the epidemic would cease in April 2020.

Musk made fun of the practice of referring to someone’s gender with pronouns in a tweet on Sunday. The billionaire tweeted, “Prosecute/Fauci are my pronouns.

Many Twitter users criticized the remark for its transphobic overtones. For making transphobic jokes in his Netflix stand-up special “The Closer,” Chappelle has come under fire himself.