The defeat of Lucci, Kizaru and Saturn – One Piece


The One Piece manga is currently careening towards what seems like the climax of its Egghead arc. The latest chapter set the stage for some highly anticipated matchups. Zoro is ready to unleash his full power against Rob Lucci, Sanji is prepared to take on Admiral Kizaru, and the battle between Luffy and Saturn has also started.


I get the feeling that the Egghead arc is meant to elevate the Straw Hat Pirates to a new level of praise in the world. I can already see the simultaneous K.O double page of Lucci, Kizaru and Saturn at the hands of Zorro, Sanji and Luffy.


We have witnessed the defeat of Kid and Law by the current Yonkos, proving that they are indeed not worthy of that title. But it will be different for the Strawhats. Like the Roger Pirates, this crew will contain not 1 but rather 3 members on yonko level. But that is what the world still needs to realize.

The world still see the Straw Hat Pirates as rookies. Lucci thinks he can defeat Zorro and attacked Luffy although he is a yonko. Kizaru thinks he can avoid the Strawhats easily and just pull of his objectives by targeting Bonney and Vegapunk without taking Sanji and Luffy serious. Saturn thought it was smart to ascend from Mary Geoise, move to Egghead to face the Straw Hat Pirates personally, handle stuff and go home no diff. The think of themselves as the ones holding all the cards.


But they are about to learn the hard way. I actually don’t believe the Straw Hat Pirates will flee Egghead – they will successfully defend it and stop the Buster Call. The reason this incident will go into history is because it will be the first failed attempt for a Buster Call, the first defeat of Kizaru, the first defeat of an elder and a sign to the world that the World government is definitely not almighty that will go around the world like a wildfire.


Also, I feel like the apparition of giants helping them is a big factor in this. People of the world and by extension World government didn’t know how much the Strawhats befriended people and how much allies they have apart from the grand fleet. The fleet itself is impressive, but it’s nothing compared to the millions of people indebted to the straw hats and willing to help them.