The true face of World government will be exposed after Egghead Arc


The Egghead Incident? Everyone is thinking about the death of someone, whether it will be Vegapunk, Saturn, Kizaru, etc… Maybe someone will die, but maybe the “Incident” will not be that death in particular. If we put the narrator on the point of view of the government, what would be an incident?

Usually when a government talk about an incident it’s about something that got spread out and which the government wanted to keep secret, or an action of a government against another one that leaked (an assassination, or a spy got caught, etc…).

Vegapunk is smart, the smartest man alive in the One Piece world, he had a backup plan for bonnet and the pacifista and even for the self-destruction device inside Kuma. If Vegapunk die, what will happen to the other Vegapunk, to Punk Record, to the rest of the world? To the rest of the world, his death would be minor, yes it’s a great loss for humanity progress, but not a real big deal on an average human lifespan.

But what about the other Vegapunk? Will they die, will Punk Record be lost (if not destroyed by the buster call?) Maybe not. But what if Vegapunk in his great intellect and cautious mind had a backup plan in case something happened to him?

He knew he would die and if so, he knew that it would likely be by the hand of a government official. To him, the government was just a way to gain the funding for his research, he knew how bad they are due to his research on the void century, so if he had to die, why not expose them to the world?

I think that maybe Vegapunk recorded everything that happened on the island, Luffy as Nika, Saturn transformation, the Buster Call, Saturn wanting to kill a child and stabbing Vegapunk as well as all the conversations. The government act as good guy, saviors and peacekeepers. But if Vegapunk recorded all that and spread that to the world, the fire of the revolution would be unstoppable, the elders and Imu could not hide themselves anymore and the government and the system as we know it would be shattered.

THAT would be an Incident that could shake the whole world. A death, as important the person may be is insignificant as a whole. It could shock some people, but the great majority wouldn’t care. But a whole evil government exposure, THAT is something that would for sure have a lot of consequences.

Theory by Bouchymitsu (